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aunts_Margaret _and_Jane.jpg (27405 bytes) <<===  Margaret Foy, Margie Alexander, Jane Foy O'Grady and Josephine White elizabeth_hannah_cecelia_1919.jpg (15150 bytes)

<<===  Elizabeth and Hannah in rear, Cecelia Foy in foreground. Each of these Foys became registered nurses, and served with the US Army in France during World War I

 Photo circa 1920.

Foy family in Garryedmond circa 1910  ===>>

back row:  Hannah,  Delia, Peter

front row: John, Luke Elizabeth (petting dog), Josephine Mullin (holding dog), Ellie Foy


foys in garredmund.jpg (52793 bytes)

  Foys in a picture taken in New York City in 1915.  Patrick and Peter Foy in front row;  Mary Foy Mullin in center of second row; Delia and Margaret in left back row; Others are unidentified, but would include Jane, Hannah and Elizabeth. ===>>

foys_in_1915.jpg (57482 bytes)
ireland_home_1911.jpg (47628 bytes) <<===  Patrick Foy moved onto the land originally occupied by Martin Berry.  The Foys lived in the house of Anthony Berry while Martin's home was razed and this new home constructed on the same site, was occupied by the Foys in 1911.    <<===  Now owned by John Foy, the house was electrified in 1965.  Until recently, it was occupied by a retired priest from England, 'restored' it to a state far surpassing its heyday in the early 1900s.  He suffered a heart attack, and is not resident in a British retirement home for priests.

photo 2003 courtesy John Foy

  Cecelia Foy was a nurse in the US Army during World War I  ===>>

nurse_cecelia.jpg (20625 bytes)

Photo taken in New York City around 1915.  Margaret and Peter Foy in front,  Hannah and Cecelia in back.  ===>>

new york city foys.jpg (52460 bytes)

<<===  Cecelia Foy at the front entrance of the house of Peter and Eileen Foy at  West 84th Place, Westchester, Los Angeles, CA

photo 7 July 1957 by Rich Foy

the_foy_nurses.jpg (23928 bytes) <<===  The Foy women who became licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in  a picture possibly taken in Ireland or England. They are l-to-r:  Jane Foy (later O'Grady), Delia Foy (later Martin), and Margaret Foy.

Original dated 1908

Willie and Ellie Foy Costello with Mary and Peg Mullin during their  visit to Ireland.  ===>>

rf020  dated 1937 from
Peg Kabriski collection

rf021 from
Peg Kabriski collection

<<===  This early photo of mother and child was found among the family pictures of Peg Kabriski.  If you can identify the subjects, please contact me at foy@telutopia.com

rf027   from
Peg Kabriski collection

<<===  Elizabeth, Cecelia and Hannah Foy at Atlantic City, NJ.  The three sisters were nurses and all served with the US Army in World War I.

photo circa 1920  mk_elizabeth_cecelia_hannah
courtesyMonica Kingston

Wedding of John Foy and Margaret Cunnane in Claremorris circa 1963. Pictured are John's family members.  Click on photo to see names ===>>

John and Margaret Foy cut the wedding cake ===>

<<===  Family members standing outside Foy House in Knockatubber. Click on photo to see names. <<===  Family and friends pose during a card party at Elley Costello's house.  Click on photo to see names of those pictured.

Family members posing near where the Berry house stood which was taken over by Patrick Foy after Anthony and Martin Berry families left for the USA in mid 1880s. ===>>

Patricia Anderson Stokely Klos in a photo dated late 1974. Photo taken in Columbia Missouri.  Pat is the daughter of Charles Anderson and Elizabeth Foy. ===>>

peg024 from the Peg
Kabriski collection

<<=== The Foy family home in Garryedmond in a more recent photo than that above.  The home was built on the location of the Anthony Berry house after the Berrys left for Kansas in 1885.

peg008 from the Peg
Kabriski collection


<<===  "Aunt Margaret Foy on the beach at Rockaway, Long Island"

peg021 from the Peg
Kabriski collection


A group of the Foys standing in front of the O'Grady house in Lohengrin Place in the Bronx: front: Thomas O'Grady. next row l-to-r: Margaret Foy, Delia Foy Martin, Jane Foy O'Grady. Next row: Patrick Foy, Mary Foy Mullin (behind Jane O'Grady) and Ellie Foy Costello, on a visit from Ireland.  ===>>

peg103 from the Peg
Kabriski collection

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