Peter Joseph Foy

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Peter's graduation picture from Marist College in May 1998.  ===>>

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Peter visited England in October 2002 to visit Tracy Gibbon's family ===>>

photo taken October 2002

<<===  Peter and Bridget enjoyed vacations at Long Beach Island in New Jersey almost every year during the 1980s and 1990s.

<<=== While in London, Peter met Annette King, daughter of Paddy and Ann Foy.

photo taken October 2002

Peter Foy and his close friend, Tracy Gibbons ===>>

photo taken 19 Jan 2003

Peter with his sister, Bridget, and Tracy Gibbons. ===>>

photo taken 19 Jan 2003


<<===  Peter normally likes to dress in relaxed fashion, but his work as a prosecuting attorney with the Essex County (and now Morris County) requires him to dress conservatively.

picture taken 2001

<<===  Peter graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law.

picture taken May 1998

Peter Foy's   graduation from Seton Hall University School of Law: l to r: Bridget, Mary, Peter and Richard Foy  ===>>

photo taken May 1998

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Peter could be pensive at times when preparing to enter Seton Hall ===>>.

photo taken 1995

<<===  The moving crew for Peter's move from Newark to Morristown, fall 2000:  Left to right:  Bill      (Peter's housemate), Peter, Trach Gibbons, Ed Azimi (high school friend) , Scott Bauer(high school friend) , Bridget Foy, and Jason Pomerantz (Bridget's fiance).

<<===  Peter was one of the first persons to suffer an attack of Lyme's Disease in Westchester County.  During his elementary and high school days, his knees were to tender to engage in contact sports, but at 6'3" he now enjoys pick-up games.

photo taken 1995

Peter Foy being sworn in as Assistant Prosecutor for Morris County.  His dad, Richard Foy, holds the bible. Judge Theodore Bozonelis, Presiding Judge (Criminal) Superior Court, for whom Peter will work, officiates, as Morris County Prosecutor Michael Rubbinaccio observes. ===>>

photo October 2002

Peter Foy sits in his new private office in Morristown.  In Newark, he shared an office with six other prosecutors.  ===>>

photo October 2002

<<===  Peter acted in plays each of his four years at Kennedy High School.  Here he is officer   in Arsenic and Old Lace.  He also played the narrator in Our Town, Linus in Peanuts,  and Charlie in Where's Charlie.

photo December 1988

<<===  By working at the Grand Union and Boyden World Corp, Peter earned enough money to invest in his first auto, which turned into a clunker.  But it got him through senior year high school.

photo July 1989

Halloween was a fun time for Peter and Bridget during their elementary school years.  Here, as clown and tramp, they prepare to go trick or treating.  ===>>

photo October 1987

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