Tornado at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Valhalla, NY 12 July 2006

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<<===The Foy tombstone remained standing, although stones nearby were toppled. <<===The Mullin grave markers also remained unscathed.

View from the hill below the Foy and Mullin graves looking towards the Stevens Avenue entrance ===>>

Looking west from the Foy Mullin graves towards the road where we usually park to visit the graves ===>>

<<===Another view from section 23 looking towards the Stevens Avenue entrance.

<<=== Looking towards section 23 from Stevens Avenue entrance.  The two small evergreens among the monuments point towards a large evergreen which is the marker for our graves

The large evergreen in the center of the photo marks the site of the Foy and Mullin graves. ===>>

Over 150 large trees have been cleared due to storm damage.  The mausoleum stands on what used to be an open field at the time of burials in the Foy  plot. ===>>

<<===Murray stone is an example of the many overturned tombstones.


Stanton stone is an example of the many overturned tombstones. ===>>


Stevens Avenue entrance.  Surprisingly, none of the buildings across the street, including one under construction, were affected.  However, trees fell across the nearby railroad tracks, causing disruption of service on the Harlem Line. ===>>

<<===Tierney stone is an example of the many overturned tombstones.

<<=== View looking west beyond the Mullin and Foy stones.

The access road to Section 23 from Stevens Ave shows some damaged trees which the cemetery may try to save.  Note heavy equipment in background to shred materials from felled trees. ===>>


Looking East beyond the Foy and Mullin stones.  Note how close toppled stones are to our plot. ===>>

<<=== The Kunz headstone was turned on its base without being toppled.

<<=== Meehan is another example of the size of overturned stones.

Foy tombstone ===>>

Mullin stones ===>>

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