eastman grave site

The Harvey Gridley Eastman graves are located in Section Q of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery.  They extend from the two urns (unused) back to the tall monument with his bas relief.

harvey eastman portrait

Harvey Gridley Eastman portrait downloaded from the Internet.


Harvey G Eastman
Oct 16, 1834
July 13, 1978
I have so tried to live
as to do no man an injustice

mrs eastman

Mary Minerva E Gaines
Mrs. Eastman
Oct 9, 1837
Jan 25, 1907

Eastman Business College was founded in 1859 and operated in Poughkeepsie NY from 1860 to 1931. It was one of the largest business commercial schools in the US.

Water Works

Harvey fought successfully to institute the water works, using land taken from several owners of now Marist College lands.  The first water plant was built 1869-1872 and was renowned for the quality of its water.  It  was replaced about 1960 by the plant above, also on land secured from Marist College.

Eastman terrace

Less successful was Harvey's creation of Eastman Park, modeled on Washington Square in New York City.  The row of houses has been refurbished recently.  Houses were not built on the other three sides of the park.  However, Garfield Place, overlooking the park still is the site of many elegant houses.

Harvey had another dream: a railroad bridge across the Hudson River. While a member of the New York State Assembly he sponsored a bill to authorize the construction for such a bridge.  In 1873, he had an ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the eastern tower along the Hudson.  The bridge did not become a reality until thirteen years after his untimely death.