New York City  /  Lenox Hill Hospital
1969 - 1970

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<<===  Nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital working on Mary's floor which handled medical-surgery patients. Mary is nurse in center back, chin hidden.   Nurse at far left is Mary Horn, who later was Mary's maid of honor.  Nurse at left in front row was Mary Ellen Raffa, who designed and sewed Mary's wedding dress.  Nurse at top is Judy Brot, whose husband Wilfrid owned a ski shop on Long Island.  We skied with them at Stratton.  Wilfrid and I skied down behind the professional skier, Spider Sabitch, who later was shot and killed by  Claudine Longet, former wife of singer Andy Williams.  Nursing caps vary, as each Nursing school had its distinct cap.

Mary took a short vacation to Puerto Rico with her roommate, Mary Ellen Kay and her nursing friend Soon Ja Yook.  ==>>>

 Mary Morley and her friends, Mary Horn, Lois ?, and Pat Mooney, all nurses at Lenox Hill, went to Hunter in February.  Rich day tripped to teach both Marys how to ski. Pat and Lois were excellent skiers.  ===>>

<<=== Mary Ellen Raffa and Judy Brot visited their fellow Lenox Hill nurse at Hyde Park.  Mary Ellen shows her new baby.  ===>


  Shortly after their marriage, Mary suffered a miscarriage.  The couple took a short vacation to Miami.  The shore always seemed to lift her spirits.  ===>>

The Foys stayed with Rich's Aunt Florence McKeon who had relocated to Miami.  She is in this photo with her great companion, Ed Darcy ===>>


<<===  Mary at Key West during their mini vacation

<<=== Rich, Sharon Foy Swanke and Mary at Disneyland, June 1970

Mary in her nurse's uniform, 1969 ===>>

Mary and Mary Horn worked together at Lenox Hill Hospital in a 1969 photo.  Mary Horn later became Mary's maid of honor at her December 1970 wedding. ===>>

<<===  Mary Ellen Kay, Mary's roommate 1969-1970 shows off her new Nova in 1969

<<===  In late 1969 Mary Morley purchased her pride and joy, a yellow Camaro.   She used it on weekends to drive to Lenox Hill rather than take the long subway ride.  Photo taken outside her parent's house in Richmond Hill

Mary Morley and Mary Ellen Kay take Kay's dog Teddy for a walk in Flushing Meadow Park, the site of two Worlds Fairs.  ===>>

Mary Morley in the pool at Mary Ellen Kay's parents' house ===>>

<<===   Teddy did not enjoy being alone in the apartment when the two women were at work.  He could be quite mischievous.

<<=== Mary posing near the renowned flower beds in Lompoc, CA during a 1970 vacation she spent with Rich in California.

Mary near one of  the California Missions during a 1970  vacation.===>>

Mary took a mini vacation to Puerto Rico with Mary Ellen Kay and Soon Ja Yook, in early 1970 ===>>

<<===  Mary Horn with her friends Lois and Pat Mooney visited the Foys in 1972 in their Poultney house.  The trio had skied with Mary Morley in Spring 1970 at Hunter Mountain, staying in Phonecia.

<<=== Mary Morley with a nurse friend at Bridie Boyle's house on Christmas night 1969 after completing their work shift.   The single ladies covered for their married friends so they could be with their children on Christmas.


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