Donald Eckert spent his first 3 years of high school at Marist High in Bayonne NJ where Brother Leo Sylvius was Principal. Then he spent his senior year of high school at Esopus, graduating in June 1959. Brother Stephen Urban was the Master.  He was in the first class of Novices who lived in the mansion (before that it was a home for retired brothers.) and went to classes at Marian College in Poughkeepsie. In fact, he drove the school bus.  He left the novitiate that winter.

"I have always cherished my time at Esopus and am grateful for the excellent education that the good brothers gave me.  So I was elated to discover the Marist Brothers - Esopus web site where I must have spent more than an hour looking through the photo galleries and reading the text. They brought back so many fond memories.

"I took many pictures while at Esopus and I wonder if you might be interested in adding any pictures to the Esopus web site. My pictures include: the graduating class of 1959, the basketball team, buildings, grounds, events, students, and some of the brothers. I also have some printed programs for some events. Please let me know if any of these would be of value to the site."  

Don has sent about 90 photos to Rich Foy for consideration for inclusion in the Esopus web site, now located at
but eventually to be placed on the Marist College web site in the archive section.

Many of the photos are of interest because they depict the property as it was in 1958-1959.  Others are of more local interest to readers who are Marist Brothers or were students in Esopus during that period.

It makes little sense to post photos of individuals unless we can identify them.  So I am asking readers to look at the pictures and help me with names.  Please look at the photos.  If you can help with names, then contact me at

Richard Foy
24 Prestwick Court
Poughkeepsie NY 12603-4936
845 454 1923


 If you have photos you think might be of interest, I would appreciate receiving them.  I usually scan the photo and return the print to the donor.  In Don's case, he scanned them and sent only the jpegs.  Less work for me, and more security for him — he knew the photos wouldn't get lost in the mail.   Other correspondents bring their prints to Staples or Wal-Mart or Office Depot and make copies, then send the copies to me.

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