deed listed at    liber 682    pp  418  - 419
Georgie Breck Beatty  to Marcus William Hulme

THIS INDENTURE, Made the twenty-sixth day of January, nineteen hundred and forty 42

BETWEEN Georgie Breck BEATTY of 501 West 113th St. City of New York, State of New York party of the first part, and

Marcus William HULME 8517 Britton Ave. Elmhurst, Long Island, N. Y Queens County, State of New York party of the second part,

WITNESSETH, that the party of the first part, in consideration of One Dollars, -- lawful money of the United States, paid by the party of the second part, doth hereby grant and release unto the party of the second part, ___ and assigns forever.

ALL The properties at Esopus, Town of Esopus, County of Ulster, State of New York and West Park New York, owned by the party of the first part on the river side of the road U. S. 9W, extending from boundary lines north and south and from the river to the road U. S. 9W

TOGETHER with the appurtenances and all the estate and rights of the party of the first part in and to said premises

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises herein granted unto the party of the second part, and assigns forever

The grantor, in compliance with Section 13 of the Lien Law, covenants that the grantor will receive the consideration for this conveyance as a trust fund to be applied first for the purpose of paying the cost of the improvement and that the grantor will apply the same first to the payment of the cost of the improvement before using any part of the total of the same for any other purpose.

AND the said covenant is as follows:

FIRST, That said _____ seized of said premises in fee simple, and ha__ good right to convey the same,

SECOND, That the part___ of the second part shall quietly enjoy the said premises;

THIRD.  That the said premises are free from incumbrances;

FOURTH, That the part___ of the first part will execute or procure any further necessary assurance of the title to said premises;

FIFTH That said Marcus William Hulme will forever warrant the title to said premises

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the party of the first part ha___ hereunto set ____ hand and seal the day and year first above written

In Presence Of:
.............................                    Georgie B. Beatty      (L. S.)

State of New York
County of New York   SS

On the ninth day of March, nineteen hundred and forty-two before me came Georgie B. Beatty to me known and known to me to be the individual described in, and who executed, the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to me that she executed the same.
   (seal)              George Lennet Albert
                           Notary Public, NY County
                           No. 52, Register's No 2-A-54
                           Commission expires March 30, 1942

State of New York
County of New York   SS

I, Archibald R. Watson, County Clerk and Clerk of the Supreme Court, New York County, a Court of Record having by law a seal, do hereby certify that George Lennet Albert whose name is subscribed to the annexed affidavit, deposition, certificate of acknowledgment or proof, was at the time of taking the same a Notary Public in and for the State of New York, duly commissioned and sworn and qualified to act as such throughout the State of New York; that pursuant to law a commission, or a certificate of his appointment and qualifications, and his autograph signature, ahve been filed in my office; that as such Notary Public he was duly authorized by the law of the State of New York to administer oaths and affirmations, to receive and certify the acknowledgment or proof of deeds, mortgages, powers of attorney and other written instruments for lands, tenements and hereditaments to be read  in evidence or recorded in this State, to protest notes and to take and certify affidavits and depositions; and I am well acquainted with the handwriting of such Notary Public, or have compared the signature on the annexed instrument with his autograph signature deposited in my office, and believe that the signature is genuine.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal this 28 day of May, 1947
     (seal)       Archibald R Watson
                      County Clerk and Clerk of the
                      Supreme Court, NY County

A true record entered May 31, 1947 at 11:26 A. M.           
                                                   (undecipherable signature)    Clerk

this is a transcription of a deed located in the Ulster County Clerk's Vault Room, Kingston, New York
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