Esopus grounds and buildings described by Brother Francis Xavier in 1942

Memoirs of Elizabeth Burroughs-Kelly,
transcribed by Bro James Norton in 1992

Excerpts from Elizabeth Burroughs-Kelly "Esopus and West Park",
in Town of Esopus History printed in 1979

Colonel Payne's West Park Legacy by Julie O'Connor
reprinted from 1992 Ulster Magazine

Report of Col. Oliver H Payne from Atlanta, September 13, 1864

Emma Christina Larson (1862 - 1943), Payne's housekeeper and confidante

Andrew Mason (1867-1912) Payne's first superintendent at Esopus

Julian Burroughs, Superintendent of Payne Estate 1913 - 1918

letters of Emma C Larson to Julian Burroughs 1914 - 1915

John Burroughs, Naturalist who lived in West Park

Charles and Marion Osberg family, residents of the estate 1912 - 1943

Letters of Harry Payne Bingham to Charles Osberg 1924 - 1935

Captain Charles W Scott Master of the Aphrodite

Mighty Aphrodite by Donna Stuart
published in Portland Magazine 2008

Payne Whitney, Oliver Payne's most famous nephew

Description of Thomasville,Georgia, location of Payne's winter estate

Story of Zadock Pratt (1790 - 1871), George Watson Pratt's father

Report of battle of Groveton where Colonel Pratt died

Alexander & Fumiko Zabik and Medrex Ltd.,
owners of farm superintendent's house

The Riordan School, once considered as a site for the Juniorate,
by Brother Joseph J R BĂ©langer

Eight Sisters of the Order of Saint Anne who are buried in Ascension Cemetery,
usng information from Brother Jerome Matthews CSC

Sojourner Truth, a slave who grew up in West Park

Camp and Lake Sunset, the source of Black Creek

Patrick Gallagher's memories of life in Esopus, Tyngsboro and Poughkeepsie

The Five Points Mission supported by Archibald Russell

Church of Immigrants,  Transfiguration parish in Chinatown

The Delaware and Hudson Canal described by Arthur G. Adams and others

The New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railroad described by Adams & Chernow

The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge described by Arthur G. Adams

The Butterfield Family

Projects I'm leaving to someone else ... ! by Richard Foy