Maps and Charts
drawn by Richard Foy from deed descriptions

Current Owners

Marist Brothers
 (from Protestant Episcopal
 Mission Society)
Charles Bolton (from Peter Brill from Hellriegel from Wiltwyck)
 (from Marist Brothers)
Andre Dionne
 (from Alexander Zabik)
 Nature Conservancy 
(from Peter Brill)
Fred Lafko (from Lewis McLaren from Hellriegel from Wiltwyck)
Scenic Hudson Land Trust
Barringer Service Station 
purchased by Fred Lafko
Official survey for transfer from
Mission Society to Marist Brothers 1942
 reserved for Gordon property

 Intermediate land transactions 
relating directly to the Payne Estate

The Payne estate in 1915

Payne from Fuller (southern section)
Fuller from Neidlinger
Payne from Fuller (northern section)
Fuller from Pratt
Neidlinger from Holland Pratt via forclosure
Neidlinger from Durkee
Durkee from Russell
Pratt from R. L. Pell
Holland from Astor
Astor from Russell
Alfred Sands Pell <==> Cameron
Russell from James Duane Pell
James Duane Pell from widow Wurtz
Wurtz from John Donaldson
Official 1910 survey of Payne lands 
Wurtz from John Donaldson  
 Donaldson brothers from
Abraham Donaldson

schematics of the project

northern slice west side  --  tract A (barn buildings
southern slice west side  --  tract B (employee cottages
patents west side  --  tract C (near West Park Road--now Floyd Ackert Road)
logical view of Payne estate   topographic map of Esopus

earlier land transactions

   appleby to russell
 beavers to pell bogert to ostrom
elmores to greaves greaves to crowther

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