The Adrian building, named after Brother Adrian August, long time chemistry teacher at Marian College and organist and choir director for two decades, was built as a student lounge for the lay students attending the college and as a reception hall for parents of student brothers who visited the college.

After completion of Donnelly Hall, Adrian became the residence/office of Brother Nilus Vincent Donnelly, the Admissions office, the Business Office, and the first computer center.

The photo below shows the relationship of Adrian to the Marian Gym, Greystone, and the Marian classroom building.  The smokestack behind the Marian classroom building was in a lower, separate attachment which provided heat to Greystone, the Marian classroom building and the gymnasium, the Fontaine study & dining area, and the Fontaine student brothers dormitory.

adrian and other buildings

Nilus hi fi

One of the more popular sites in the early Adrian building was a high fidelity section designed and installed by Brother Nilus Donnelly.  The equipment was state of the art in 1958.  The brown sections at each side behind the chairs held enormous woofers, tweeters and mid range speakers.  The volume could carry the length of the building, so these chairs were placed in front only for the picture.