Newbold windmill

These remains of a windmill used to pump water from a pond at a lower elevation up to the level of the gardener's cottage, part of which with red siding is evident at the left center of this photo.  The windmill was used in the nineteenth century before electricity.  The Newbold estate had several greenhouses at the lower level, but only remnants remain.  A New York State agricultural report of the Newbold estate indicates that only three acres is cultivated, with the remaining 17 acres described as woodland.  The Newbold family spent most of the time in New York City, with this property a refuge from the noise and sickness which was common in New York City during the summer time.

No remains of the windmill vanes or piping can be found.  The deformation of the shingles in the area just below the smaller window may have been indicative of a lookout porch attached to the windmill at that height.

The pond at the lower section of the property still exists, and empties into the Hudson River.