boundary road

This road is the boundary between the college owned land and the four acres owned by another containing the gardener's cottage and ancient windmill; the cottage was out of the photo at the right. The road is about twenty feet below the level of the carriage house and gardener's cottage, with the steepest depression along the gardiner's cottage & college border..

The tracks in the road show that it is used by college maintenance personnel to deposit waste from the campus excluding metals and other materials, but including leaves, tree clippings, etc which are environmentally safe. The road eventually led to some greenhouses. I was unable to fix the exact location of the greenhouses.

Mrs. Newbold reported in 1893 that only three acres were cultivated with the remainder woodland.  It seems likely that the Pells who owned this lot before the Newbolds used the acreage between the turnpike road and river as their home with the remaining 126 acres across the turnpike a working farm, much of which became the Winslow and Ziegler farms.