This section begins with the 1881 purchase of the land by George A Bech, son of Edward and Elizabeth McCarty Bech.

It moves then to the 1907 sale of the land by court order to Christian Bahret, who designed a combination industrial/residential area and called it Fairview.

Then we look at the years when Marist College acquired parcels for current use, including art education, residential, maintenance, parking, even tennis courts.

Bech Ownership era (1881 - 1907)

davies 1858 map George Albert Bech (1856 - 1890), the son of Edward and Elizabeth McCarty Bech, purchased 372 acres east of route nine for $38,000.See note one.On the north the land was bounded by the John Winslow farm, at the east by Violet Avenue, and on the south by West Cedar Avenue.

George also owned a farm in Stockbridge Massachusetts called Edgehill, inherited by his widow Julia.  He did a limited amount of farming on the Poughkeepsie purchase, as evidenced in agricultural census records.

After George died in 1890, the land was added to the original Bech land holdings. When his mother, Elizabeth McCarty Bech, died in 1900, she left the entire estate to her granddaughter, Pauline E Von Nauerdorff.  The case was complicated because most of the persons of interest in the will resided in Europe,

There must have been a long civil case of Pauline E Von Nauerdorff vs: Marie Elizabeth Countess VonLinden, Carl Von Linden, her husband, Sophia Marguerite Von Oxholm, Charles Von Oxholm, her husband, Josephine E Von Pauer, Leon Von Pauer, her husband, Julia M Babcock, William Babcock, George Von Nauerdorff (Pauline’s husband) Emily M F Braem (widow of Henry M Braem),Emily M F Braem and William Bridge, executors of the will of Henri M Braem.  The judge seems to have resolved and terminated this civil lawsuit by ordering the sale of the property.  The land east of the Hyde Park Road was sold 15 May 1907 to Christian Bahret for $18,850 by court order. See note 2

There is a legend within the Marist Brothers that Brother Zephiriny became aware of the availability of the George Bech parcel when Brother was looking for a site for the provincial house and Novitiate in 1904. As of this writing, we have been unable to document this legend. See note 3

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Establishment of Fairview district (1907 - 1979)

Fairview near Albany Post RoadUntil completion of the route nine section bypassing central Poughkeepsie, the road system near the Marist Property was different.  Route nine went through downtown Poughkeepsie and followed Washington Avenue out of the city.  Washington Avenue connected to Delafield Street just south of the Bech Gatehouse.  At that time the edges of the Brothers' property were bordered by Delafield Street at the south and North Road (Washington Ave) to the north.

Map No 713 of the North Road section of the Fairview District shows Delafield and seems to be crossing North Road until it reaches Fulton Street. The strip of road across the road marked Delafield was called Beck Place (or Bech Place, as the spelling ought to be consistent with the Bech family).  Deeds refer to both Bech and Beck.

Development of the MidHudson Mall parcel

This is the 18 acre parcel bounded on the North by the former Winslow Farm, on the east by the railroad originally laid out and owned by the Poughkeepsie & Eastern RR (which railroad was developed by John Winslow), on the south by Fulton Street, and on the west by the North Road (or on some maps the Albany Post Road).  Although Marist College does not own any property, the College history is entwined with former occupants.  It is the northwest section of the land once owned by George A Bech.  It's most notable tenant was Western Printing and Lithographing Co (name changed to Western Publishing Company in 1960 when the company sold shares to the public.)  

Fiat Plant in PoughkeepsieFiat Automotive Company was incorporated in the US in 1908 and manufactured autos in Poughkeepsie from 1910 to 1918.  In 1919 the Duesenburg Auto Company purchased the building, but did not manufacture cars in Poughkeepsie.  It moved all the machinery from Poughkeepsie to other Duesenburg plants. 

Fiat postcareDuesenburg earned a reputation for powerful cars, winning many races.  Ownership of a Duesenburg became a status symbol, especially among the movie set on the West Coast.  In 1919 the New York Times carried an article indicating that Duesenburg had sold the Poughkeepsie plant and land to Willys, which soon after became known as Willys-Overland Co.  Although Willys was the second largest national producer of automobiles in the 1920s and 1930s (second to Ford Motor Company) Willys did not manufacture autos in Poughkeepsie. Its ownership is listed on the county records as through Electric Auto-Lite Company, a subsidiary.


Whitman or Western buildingIt is not known if Electric Auto-Lite used the plant during its four year tenure(1922 to 1926).  To most of us, Willys is known as the company which made the Jeep famous, selling over 500,000 jeeps to the US Government for use during World War II. In 1928 the plant was sold to Lancia Motors of America, but Lancia failed in 1931.  In 1934 the plant was purchased by Edward H Wadewitz, of Racine Wisconsin, who turned it over 19 January 1935 to Western Printing and Lithographic Company. 

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Western Printing and Lithographing Company

Marist East at WesternEdward Henry Wadewitz and his brother Albert H Wadewitz are credited with founding Western Printing and Lithographing Company in 1907 when they purchased the West Side Printing Co of Racine Wisconsin for $2,504.  The company experienced rapid growth, publishing such items as the Betty Crocker loose-leaf cookbooks, the Golden Books, and a variety of toys.  The headquarters remained in Racine, but Western established printing facilities in Hannibal Missouri and Poughkeepsie New York. The Poughkeepsie operation lasted until 1985, when Western closed its plants in Poughkeepsie and Hannibal, taking a $7 million write off for disposal of the Poughkeepsie site.

A small chunk of the 18 acre site lay the northwest corner.  It had been purchased by Tempa Dyruff for use as parking space for the Woodcliff Pleasure Park on the former Winslow estate west of route 9.  Western purchased this lot in 1946 and eventually built a cafeteria- meeting space in a separate building on that site..   See Note A6 for details of  the deeds relating to MidHudson Mall.

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Housing and light industry along route nine

map 1156 of FairviewThe area south of Fulton Street to the end of the Bech holdings between route nine and the railroad was used for private housing and some light industry. The presence of automotive may have induced several companies to locate as suppliers, notably Liberty Starters Company and Permalife Company.   The most often remembered by old timers was Shatz Manufacturing Company/Federal Bearings Company a major supplier to Ford Motor Company until the end of the 1960s.  But there was no connection between FIAT and Shatz, as Shatz became dominant shortly before World War II.  Shatz has downsized but maintains a presence along Fairview Avenue; it specializes in high precision ball bearings.

Steel Plant Studios

Steel plant studiosThe Steel Plant Studios are housed in the former steel fabrication plant pieced together by Martin Kurkhill and Morris B. May via three purchases.  In the early 1980s Morris May sold his share of the properties to Martin Kurkhill, and in 1984 Martin Kurkhill and his wife Sylvia sold the property to Marist College.  The building remained unimproved for about thirteen years, serving only as storage.  The college realized that the plant would be in the middle of the eventual campus, but did not have the funds to remodel and renovate the space until 1987. When the route nine highway was expanded from one to two lanes both northbound and southbound the state had agreed to construct a brick wall on the side facing route nine; later the college extended the wall to its current length. The rugged construction and high ceilings form a charming setting for the art courses, exhibits, and socials sponsored by the college art department. See note A7 for details.     

steel plant libraryWhen the college was looking for an appropriate site for the Cannavino Library, the most likely spot was the site of the then current library.  This meant that the current library had to be demolished, and a temporary location for the library be located.  At first the thought was to create a closed stack library in the vacant steel plant, but it soon became apparent that the steel plant had sufficient space to create an open stack library with all the amenities of the then current library available.  One argument against using the steel plant was its location east of route nine; this became moot when it became apparent that half the resident students lived east of route nine.  The steel plant served this important function at Marist College for two years: 1997-1999.

Meanwhile the art department located in several places.  In 1984 the art department operated in some space in Donnelly (as did the Fashion Program) currently occupied by the computer stations accessible to students.  When that space was reserved for the computer operation, the art program was relocated to Marist East (located in rented space in the former Western Publishing Company building across the street).  Fashion was also relocated to its current rooms at the north entrance to Donnelly.  When the lease on Marist East expired, the art program was moved into Donnelly in classroom space adjacent to Fashion.  When the Cannavino Library opened, the steel plant became available.  Art moved to that location in 1999, and Fashion expanded into the Donnelly classrooms which had been used by the art program.

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Kem Plastic Playing Cards Co

kem entranceIn 1946, Kem Plastic Playing Cards Co purchased the 27 acre Winslow estate between the Hudson River and route 9 from Runk Realty Corp.  Shortly thereafter, it negotiated with Western Printing and Lithographing for the purchase of a building just behind the Steel Plant Studio situated along the Poughkeepsie & Eastern tracks.  The building encroached on the right of way of the railroad, which preserved its rights to the affected land by charging $10 per year rent to the building owners. In its expansion years, Western had established a division called Western Playing Card Company that was active in the 1920s, but ceased operation sometime in the early 1940s.  A division of Western Playing Card Company may have been located in the building, and Western reserved the right to store items in part of the building. See note A8 for details.

Kem relocated to Mattituck NY (P O Box 33  zip 11950) on the north fork of Long Island.  It was purchased in 2004 by United States Playing Card Company, which in turn became a subsidiary of Jarden.  Kem sells plastic cards made of cellulose acetate  so they are washable and durable.  They are difficult to duplicate.  This makes them the favorite for casinos, gaming rooms, and card rooms.  They are available to individuals via the Internet at prices ranging from $35 to $65 per deck.

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Other small industries

When F.I.A.T. built the large plant opposite the Marist Brothers, it attracted other industries, many of which were suppliers to F.I.A.T. or which sold products related to the automotive industry.  Among these were:

Permalife Storage Battery (map 1166)  Permalife had patented a method of connecting the electrodes to the battery and keeping the battery sealed, as well as a method to place the electrodes within the battery which provided superior power. A 1917 journal included the following news item:  "Frederick Wright, one of the best known men in storage battery circles, has become connected with the Permalife Storage Battery Company of Poughkeepsie New York, and will have direct supervision of the manufacture of Permalife batteries in the modern plant recently acquired through the consolidation of Permalife with W. L. Battery Company of Poughkeepsie."

Soap Co (map 1166) was located just south of Fulton Street.  It had a patent on a particular composition for soap, and may have had contracts to supply FIAT with that soap.,.

Liberty Starters Company (map 1166) purchased a site in Fairview early in 1919 to manufacture electric starters, using battery power to supplement the hand crank system used in the early years of the automotive industry.  Liberty developed a motor which could be cranked by hand or started using power from a battery.  It adjusted this to starting the motors of small aircraft, again either by manually turning the propeller or by using power from a battery.  By July 1921, Liberty Starter Co was in receivership (see deed  11 July 1921 liber 416 page 341)

Reliance Aniline & Chemical Co had large holdings just south of Fulton Street (see map 1166). Prior to World War I, Germany was the leader in the manufacture of coal tar products for dyes and other uses.  When this supply was cut off, a number of smaller USA companies entered the field, including Reliance, whose headquarters were in New York City but manufacturing plant was in Poughkeepsie NY.  A Google search limited to the 1919-1925 time period shows Congress being urged to protect these small startups as Germany again reentered the USA market;  The  aniline & dye companies asked for tariff protection.  See Note B6 for details on both Liberty and Reliance


New York Portable Bungalow (map 713) manufactured kits for erection of one or two car garages.  It branched out into larger structure kits and is cited in several Google searches (including one for Forestry published by Syracuse University) for its proficiencies in millwork.  New York Portable Bungalow does not appear on map 1166, so it either moved or went out of business.

The planners of Fairview reserved most of the land near North Road for industry, and the sections east up to Violet Avenue as residential.  Some of the other industries once part of the Fairview area are listed below.

With the loss of industries the Fairview area tax was based on residential properties.  This resulted in a heavier burden on the individual residents. To compound the problem, the district includes several not for profit institutions, including Marist College, which by law are tax free.  In particular, the Fairview Fire District includes Marist College, Dutchess Community College, the Children's Home, and Saint Francis Hospital, all of whom use the Fire District.  Marist has voluntarily paid a significant amount in lieu of taxes, but not every non-profit is in a position to do the same.

Knauss Brothers slaughterhouseKnauss Brothers slaughterhouse was located just north of Fulton Street, with space east of Gulf Refining Company occupied in 2013 by warehouses at 51 and 57 Fulton Street.  William Knauss was born in Germany in 1870, emigrated to Poughkeepsie NY in 1984 and became a butcher. As early as 1901, the Knauss brothers operated a butcher store at 139 Union Street in the city of Poughkeepsie (139 is now a parking lot betwen private homes). 

In 1901 a refrigeration journal published a notice: "It is claimed that Knauss Bros., the butchers at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., have established there the first plant for manufacturing ice in that city. The plant was started in operation last month, and is used mainly to refrigerate their meat rooms."

In 1920 he decided to open a slaughterhouse to guarantee the shop a supply of pig and beef meats.  He purchased land on the north side of Fulton Street ( the site of the warehouses at 51 and 57 Fulton Street). His home address in the 1930 and 1940 federal censuses was listed as 4 West Cedar Street.

Shortly after opening the slaughterhouse (or abattoir) nearby residents complained about the odors and contamination of wells.  The New York State Department investigated the matter and made recommendations.  (Click here to see  the Health Department report.) Apparently the major complainant was the superintendent of the Hudson River State Hospital. The report limits itself to conditions east of the Albany Post Road.  The Marist Brothers on the west side of the Post Road also suffered  contamination, and asked Coudert Brothers, a leading law firm specializing in international law, to represent the Brothers in this matter.  Brother Zephiriny was well connected with Coudert: Frederick Coudert, head of the firm, acted as the trustee for his sister Louise Merrilon, when she lent the Brothers funds to purchase the Bech Estate, and John Murray, a member of the Coudert firm, acted for the Brothers on many occasions. 

Apparently the remediation was successful.  The Brothers continued to use Knauss Brothers slaughterhouse for handling of beef and larger animals. Slaughter of pigs was still conducted by the Brothers themselves.  In 1946-1947, Brian Desilets was the cook for the Provincial House which also was the location of the scholasticate dining room.  One of his tasks was to dress the meat from the slaughtered pig and prepare it for shipment to the Novitiate kitchen at the south end of the property.

In 1960 KKnauss Brothers abattoirnauss Brothers arranged to lease space in their building to Seneca Packing Company (See cross hatching on map 2949) .  This arrangement was short lived, ending in 1972 when the building and grounds were transferred to Irving Schlossberg in a bankruptcy action. The six acre property eventually was broken up into three sections.  The JC Paper Company is at the eastern section of the Knauss Parcel on property now owned by Landslide Enterprises.  The middle parcel containing warehousing space was owned by Dutchess County and was sold in 2013 to Marist Real Property Services; it will be used to consolidate storage and maintenance facilities.  At the edge of the Marist parcel there is an easement (running next to Star Gas) leading to a third parcel occupied by Eastern Metals Recycling but owned by R. Freedman & Son Inc.  See Note B13 for further information.

When the Fairview area was developed after 1910, William Knauss became very involved, acting at the agent for Fairview Improvement  Company for many years.



Star Gas Office Star Gas Company, Inc.    When I looked at the flat outlines of the Knauss slaughter house property, there seemed to be a little sliver of land at the west which ought to have completed the triangle for Knauss Brothers formed by Fulton Street and two railroad lines making up the other two sides. The Star Gas parcel still exists in 2014, but was never part of the Knauss property.  Fairview Improvement Company sold the parcel to Gulf Refining Company of Port Arthur, TX in 1913, seven years before Knauss assembled his package for the slaughterhouse.  When I viewed the levels of both properties, the Star Gas Property has a 400 foot side alongside the railroad which originally was the Poughkeepsie & Eastern,  that by the beginning of the 20th century serviced several commercial establishments.  The purchase made sense for Gulf  Refining that could download Texas oil from railroad cars into storage and then distribute it in small portions to its service stations because Fulton Street was close to route nine.  Duso Chemical Company was a distributor that among others clients serviced the Marist Brothers who operated a laundry servicing their Poughkeepsie and Esopus operations.  With the growth of motor transport capability and the demise of the railroad, the use of propane has increased in the mid Hudson area. See Note B14 for details.
     Ike Katzowitz founded Star Gas in 1947. In 1975 Richard and Hermine Muellerleile purchased the business. .The Muellerleile family and the Star Gas Products, Inc. staff proudly continue to provide propane to a service area that has expanded to 4 counties .

Hamilton Reproductions was a printing company at the corner of West Cedar Street and North Avenue.  Leon Bloom owned the business.  He was involved with many local business organizations.  In the early 1970s he was the President of the Poughkeepsie Area chamber of Commerce.   in the early 1980s he relocated the operation to a site along Fairview Avenue.  His estate sold the original site along West Cedar Street to Marist College in 1996.  See Note B11 for details.

Blocksum mapBlocksum & Company occupied a parcel which was once owned by Liberty Starters company.  Blocksum manufactured fibers which were used in mattresses and upholstered furniture. Blocksum purchased the 3.84 acre section just south of Fulton Street from Hudson Casting Corporation in 1973.  Hudson Casting Corporation sold the remainder to Vincent & Elvira Russo.  In turn they sold a small irregular section to Blocksum, and retained a 3.91 rectangular lot bordering the northern side of West Cedar Street.  These three sections are seen on Map 4289.  The section on West Cedar Street is now the site of a Medical building, but has a 10' easement on its west border as a right of way for services to support the Blocksum section.  See note B5 for details. and Map 4289 at left.

Hyson map 1153Hyson Garage was located at 80 Fulton St.  It was last owned by William Edward Hyson Jr "Bill" (1940-1999) and his wife Janet Louise Tyrrell Hyson (1938 - 2002); she worked as his business manager.  Bill ran a tow truck business, and stored many wrecked autos on the site for over fifty years. In his spare time from towing, he hoped to rebuild some wrecks or at least to salvage parts.  However he was not entirely responsible for the environmental problems on the site.  Previous owners included a mineral wood company, an asbestos wood company, a refinery, and several oil delivery businesses, all of who operated before any thought of environmental controls.  Both Bill and Janet are buried in Union Cemetery Hyde Park NY.  See note B10 for details.

John Arborio Inc was a family owned road and bridge construction company reputed to be the second largest such company in the Northeast area (behind only the Perini Construction of Massachusetts).  In 1925 Arborio purchased what had been the site of Reliance Aniline and Chemical Company adjoining the Central New England Railroad from Cedar Street as far North as Fulton Street.  Arborio was a major contractor for the New York Thruway from New York City through Albany and west to Buffalo.  He also did the Northway from Albany to the Canadian border, and in the early 1970s he widened the Northway from two lanes to three lanes each direction.  The practice in heavy construction was to store the equipment on or near the completed site until it could be moved directly to the next construction site.  So Poughkeepsie was not the transfer station.  It was the center of operations, including engineering, commercial and legal aspects of the business.  See note B9 for details.. 

Mc Manus Tavern (later known to many students as Frank's) was located at the southeast corner of Fulton Street and North Road. It was very popular with Marist Students when the legal drinking age was 18, but its popularity and trade fell off when the age was raised to 21.    See Note B7 for details.

Frisbie Pie BridgeportThe Frisbie Pie Company bought a branch location at 70 West Cedar Street in June 1937 and held it until May 1938, when it sold it to Hudson Valley Pie Company, which operated on the site until June 1951.  The Frisbie Pie Company major operation was in Bridgeport CT, starting in 1871 when William Russell Frisbie moved to Bridgeport to manage the local branch of the Olds Baking Company.  He soon purchased the company and renamed it The Frisbie Pie Company.  The operation was very successful. After William Frisbie died in 1903, his son Joseph operated the ovens until his death in 1940.  He also established shops in Poughkeepsie NY,  Hartford Ct, and Providence RI.  Joseph's widow and the head baker continued the operation until 1958, baking 80,000 pies per day in 1956.  It is not known whether Hudson Valley baked its own pies or was a distributor for Frisbie.

One of Frisbie Pie Company's early customers was Yale University.  The students discovered that by inverting the tin pie plates they could twirl them considerable distances. They called them a variety of names.  Somebody on the West Coast was tossing an upside down pie platter on the Santa Monica beach when he was offered $0.25 for the pie plate.  He realized that the plates cost only five cents apiece, and started a business selling them, using plastic instead of metal. Wham-O entered the business, and hearing that students on the East Coast were holding competitions, using pie plates from Frisbie Pie Company, coined the name Frisbee (to avoid legal complications). 



Private housing along North Road (Route 9) and Bech Place

Charles and Rose M Bennett sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #6  on Bech Place to Marist College on August 28, 1998.  See note A1 for details.

Edna G. Freer of 77 North Road sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #9 at 77 North Road to Marist College on 1 June  1984.  See note A3 for details.

Phyllis J Alongi sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #11 at 75 North Road to Marist College on 14 May 1990.  See note A2 for details.

The executors of the estate of Margaret V Bahret, dec'd sold Fairview Improvement Co lots 12 & 14 to Marist College on 10 June 1994.  See note A5 for details.

Anna Habinowski sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #13 at 73 North Road to Marist College on 1 Nov 1984.  See note B1 for details.

Russell W Hadden of Highland NY sold Fairview Improvement Co lot  #15 at 71 North Road to Marist College on 9 August 1982.  See note B2 for details

Joseph William Berry Jr sold Fairview improvement Co lot # 16 in 2011 to Marist Real Property Services.  See note B12 for details..

Michael J Cassetta & ors sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #17 at 69 North to Marist College on 21 July 1990.  See note A4 for details.

John Manfredi Sr sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #19 at 67 north Road to Marist on 30 December 1993.  See note B4 for details.

Peter F and Maria T Belmonte sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #21 at 65 North Road to Marist College on 10 Nov 1980.  See note B3 for details.

Robert and Carolyn R Van Tassell sold Fairview Improvement Co lot #23 at 63 North Road to Marist College on 10 August 1981.  See note A9 for details. 


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Acquisitions by Marist College ( 1979 -  )

Early in the expansion period, Marist College acquired properties in its own name, so a search of the county records with Marist College as the grantee shows many acquisitions. At some period, the college created a subsidiary company, Marist Real Property Services Inc., and the subsidiary continued purchasing the properties now used for college housing, tennis courts, and maintenance.   A computer search at the Dutchess County Records Office at 22 Market Street (2nd floor) would help any researcher locate all the properties purchased in the 1979 to present period.  Some early records may not be computerized; they can be located in the index books for grantors and grantees, and the individual deeds located in large books in the office.

Examples of transfers located in a recent search:

liber 1986 page 268

liber 2011 page 64

1990 doc# 5160 liber 1871 page 843  Michael J Cassetta & ors to Marist College: Cassetta house between North Road and Bech Place

1990 doc# 5161 liber 1871 page 846 members of Cassetta family to Marist College:Cassetta lot #18 on map 1166 between North Road and Bech Place

1992 doc# 4140 Sidney Pines & Diane Edelstein to Marist College: lot #20 on map 1166.

2000 doc# 3315 Joseph Sabia, executor of estate of Anthony and Dolores Sabia to Marist Real Property Services Inc    parcel along West Cedar Street described as adjacent to lands of Chamber of Commerce

2000 doc# 8563  D B Ventures Inc to Marist Real Property Services Inc: parcel south side of Fulton Street

2001 doc# 3134  Phyllis M Granger to Marist Real Property Services Inc: parcel on West Cedar near Terminal Road

2005 doc# 2960 Dut Co Indus Dev Agency to Marist College . parcels under Leo and Sheahan Dormitories

2005 doc# 2968 Dut Co Indus Dev Agency to Marist College   6.16 acres south of Fulton Street

2013 doc# 4780 Dut Co Indus Dev Agency to  Marist College  Parcel along Cedar Street

2013 doc# 4782 Dut Co Indus Dev Agency to  Marist College  Library and Humanities Building parcels

51 Fulton Street51 Fulton Street building complex.  In October 2013 I learned that Marist has purchased a large warehouse at 51 Fulton Street, with the intention to relocate its maintenance operation and storage facility there.  This would free up space in what is now mostly dormitory and recreation area for further use. The previous user of the space was the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency.  When the Agency relocated to a space along Sand Dock Road near the main IBM building, 51 Fulton became available, and was publicly listed for competitive bidding.  In February 2011 Dutchess County issued a RFP for a Property Boundary Survey and Lot Line Realignment.  The County solicited purchase offers (RFP-DCB-20-12) on 16 October 2012 with a deadline of 7 November 2012.  A previous Internet search gave the details of the solicitation, but that document has been removed from the Internet in favor of a short notice that the solicitation has been closed.  Two previous owners/lessors of the building may have been Waste Management and Hudson Baylor Corporation, the latter a Newburgh based company.

Along the western boundary of the property there is a right-of-way for Emr-poughkeepsie, a metals recycling company with a sign Eastern Metals Recovery with a parcel immediately north of the complex purchased by Marist.

J C PaperJust above 51 Fulton at 57 Fulton is a 28,000 square feet warehouse occupied by the J. C. Paper Company. which is a New York privately held company established in 1956.  A street sign indicates it is for sale or lease; recently the asking price was dropped from $1,600,600 to $1,200,000.  The building sits on 1.6 acres and I was informed that it has been vacant since 2007.

Just beyond the J C Paper Company warehouse is the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie, a not-for-profit agency established in 1847.  The Home provides a range of services, many of which are located at other sites in Poughkeepsie, but it still maintains residential services on its campus.  The remainder of Fulton Street has private homes until it reaches the Violet Avenue School at the corner of Fulton Street and Violet Avenue.

Postscript - November 2013

Change, not stability.  If the reader glances at the deed history of many of the industries or agencies in this chapter, he/she will be surprised at how many changes occurred in the short century covered by this essay. When I became president of Marist College in 1958, Dutchess County leading citizens pointed out six key industries which had a history of supporting fund drives by non-profit institutions.  Their history is interesting.

International Business Machines was the dominant employer. Started in Endicott NY as a manufacturer of tabulating machines, it moved into computers, and by the early 1960s it has become the dominant semiconductor manufacturer in the world by construction of the Fishkill operation.  Since then it has moved away from manufacturing, although it continues to manufacture one major product at the Poughkeepsie plant.  It has discontinued or sold off much of its manufacturing of smaller items, and now sees itself as a software developer and consultant to other businesses.  Thus its presence in Dutchess County has diminished, and perhaps may diminish more in the future decades.

DeLaval Separator Co manufactured and sold cream separators and milking machines,many of which wound up in dairy farms which processed their own milk..  It's major location was along the Hudson River, but it moved to smaller quarters along Route 44 east of the city of Poughkeepsie.  By the 1970s it was engaged in varies uses of separator, such as in aircraft carriers.  These huge ships had the problem of carrying heavy supplies of gasoline to fuel its aircraft for months at a time.  As the fuel was consumed, the buoyancy of the carrier made it difficult to keep the takeoff and landing surfaces level.  DeLaval developed a separator system which introduced sea water into the gas tanks to keep them full, but enable the crew to separate the gasoline from the water using separator techniques.  It is not known whether DeLaval conducts any manufacturing in Dutchess County.

CH Energy, better known as Central Hudson manufactured its own gas and ran hydroelectric power stations.  In the past two decades, it has handed off manufacturing of gas and electricity to other agencies, and now concentrates on distribution of gas and electric to customers in the mid-Hudson area.  In 2013 CH Energy was sold to a Canadian Company, presumably to give that company a market for its electric generator capacity.

Western Printing and Lithographing Co printed a variety of books and magazines from its plant opposite Marist College.  In the past decades, it has abandoned its printing in favor of publishing such items as Golden Books.

Schatz Federal Bearing Corporation conducted its bearing activity at 70 Fairview Avenue.  The Schatz Company purchased the larger Federal Bearing Co and supplied bearings to many of the aircraft and vehicles used in World War II.  In the 1950s it was the major supplier to Ford Motor Company for use in automobiles.  It lost out to competitors located overseas.  It was reorganized in 1981 and now occupies a smaller space at 10 Fairview Avenues, concentrating on precision manufacturing of ball bearings for specialized uses.  George Bennett, Schatz president, had married into the Schatz family, and his family home was in Fairview off Fulton Street near Inwood Lake. The homestead was sold and now is the site of upscale housing development.

Daystrom Company manufactured electronic test equipment in a plant along route 55 just east of the City of Poughkeepsie.  It became Daystrom Weston company, along the way buying Heath Company, who manufactured HeathKits.  Daystrom moved out of the Dutchess area; its plant is now occupied by a storage facility.

Manufacturing in the Poughkeepsie area has been replaced by service organizations, so that education (Marist College, Dutchess Community College, Culinary Institute of America, local elementary and secondary school systems, Oakwood School, Our Lady of Lourdes High School) and healthcare (Health Quest, Vassar Hospital, and many other smaller facilities) now constitute the major components of the employment life of the area.

Given the short life spans of the major industries, we should not be surprised by the short life spans of smaller industries.  This becomes evident if the reader cruises through the history of the companies cited in this essay.


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Note one.  See deed 15 dec 1881 liber 207 page 281 grantor: Estate of William R Davies dec'd to grantee: George A Bech. in the Dutchess County Clerk's Records on Market Street, Poughkeepsie. William Davies's sons Thomas L Davies and William H. Davies were executors of the will.    The deceased Davies had been very active in real estate, so his name appears as grantee and grantor often in the deeds section of the records of the County Clerk of Dutchess County.  There is a street named in his honor near the current route nine passing by the Church of the Holy Comforter, the church from which of George and Elizabeth Bech were buried.    back

Note two.  See deed 15 May 1907 liber 354 page 182 grantor: Henry C. Barber,  referee to grantee:  Cristian F Bahret for $18,800. The 1858 map of the property  was filed 15 Dec 1881 claiming a total of 372 acres less the acres granted to the Poughkeepsie & Eastern RR and a right of way of the Poughkeepsie Water Commission, both occurring after the original map, that was drawn by surveyor Henry D. Myers, later owner of the Myers parcel in this history of former owners of property now owned by Marist College. The sale was done by court order against the persons of interest in the estate of Elizabeth McCarty Bech.  back

Note three.  The legend is that Brother Zephiriny notified his superiors in France that the 372 acre property was available for purchase at a very reasonable price.  The superiors could see no use for so large a tract.  Brother Zephiriny replied that the Jesuits had purchased 1000 acres in Hyde Park.   The superiors still turned him down.  We are still looking for any correspondence which might validate this legend, both in the Brothers’ archives in Esopus New York and the central archives in Rome, Italy.  The legend does not appear in the Annals of St. Ann’s Hermitage 1904-1934. back

Note A1. Trail of Fairview Improvement Co lot #6 Marist College :
4 Feb 1910 liber 413 page 246:  Fairview Improvement Company to Arthur and Mary Odell for $400
28 Jan 1922 liber 420 page 472:  Arthur Odell & wife Mary to Herman Grossman
15 May 1922 liber 424 page 43:  Herman D & Tillie Grossman to Ida Dayton Alberic Dayton
30 Oct 1962 liber 1090 page 233:  Ida Dayton Alberic Dayton to Vincent Peluse & ors
4 Dec 1963 liber 1115 page 1880:  Peluse family members to Charles Bennett
24 August 1998 doc#7805  Charles & Rose M Bennett to Marist College    back

Note A2. Trail of Fairview Improvement Co lot #11 (75 North Road) to Marist College
17 Jan 1910 liber 363 page 512 Fairview Improvement Co to Lansing A Joice
1 June 1943 (recorded in 1946) liber 608 page 114 Lansing A Joice & wife of Montgomery Street to Catherina Alessandro of 69 North Road
26 Dec 1967  liber 1236 page 175:  Catherina & Emanuel Alessandro to Thomas Alessandro, John J Alessandro and Grace Spina
31 Mar 1976 liber 1428 page 547 Emanuel Alessandro (by John J Alessandro, attorney) to Phyllis J Alongi
14 May 1990 liber 1864 page 74 Phyllis J Alongi to Marist College        back

Note A3.  Trail of Fairview Improvement Co lot #9 to Marist College
9 May 1910 liber 365 page 212 Fairview Improvement Co to Maysie B Osborne
5 May 1923 liber 433 page 172 Maysie B Osborne to Dorothy Kirchhoff
25 Feb 1927 liber 474 page 74 Dorothy Kirchhoff to Goldie Freer
Upon her death, Goldie Freer willed parcel to Henry Russell Freer
20 apr 1965 liber 1175 or 1125 page 299 Henry Russell Freer to Henry R and Edna G Freer
Henry R Freer died 16 July 1980
1 June 1984 liber 1635 page 5 Edna G Freer of 77 North Road to Marist College.

Note A4.  Trail of Fairview Improvement Co lot #17 to Marist College

1 Nov 1909 liber 365 page 290 Fairview Improvement Co to John W & Susan Hyland.
2 Aug 1920 liber 411 page 124 John and Susan Hyland to Piletus L & Mary L Canfield
21 June 1923 liber 434 page 391:  Piletus L & Mary L Canfield to Samuel Effron
31 Aug 1934 liber 437 page 31:  Samuel & Fannie Effron to Stephen P & Mary A Fszol
15 Sep 1927 liber 439 page 3: Stephen P & Mary A Fszol to Louis Grossman & Irvin Tofel

15 Sept 1927 liber 479 page 484 Louis Grossman & wf and Irving Tofel & wf to Salvatore Damico & Biagi Doria
21 Jan 1928 liber 483 page 48:  Biagi & Mary Doria and Salvatore & Francesca Damico to Fannie Rich & Florence Nordstrom
1 Aug 1929 liber 499 page 75  Fannie Rich & Florence Nordstrom to Anna Pribish
28 Feb 1930 liber 504 page 98:  Anna Pribish to Sebastiano and Mary M Cassetta:  lot #17

18 Dec 1979 liber 1531 page 145: Agreement Sebastiano and Mary Cassetta to Town of Pougkeepsie and 4th Ward Sewer Area
29 dec 1989 liber 1854 page 836 Mary Cassetta to Michael Cassetta & ors
31 July 1990 liber 1871 page 846 doc# 5161 Michael J Cassetta & ors to Marist College


Note A5. Trail of sale of lots #12 & #14 (27 Bech Place) to Marist College

2 July 1917 liber 398 page 568:  Fairview Improvement Company to Lawrenc Mingy
7 July 1917 liber 398 page 565  Fairview Improvement Co to Lawrence Mingy
1 Aug 1923 liber 436 page 185  Lawrence L Mingy Jr to William D. Osterhoudt
23 August 1933 liber 534 page 58 William D Osterhoudt & wf to Margaret Bahret
22 April 1979 liber 1507 page 6 Margaret Virginia Bahret & Margaret Bahret to Margaret Virginia Bahret.
                  Combines lots 12 and 14 with address 27 Bech Place
10 June 1994 Margaret Bahret dec'd by executor Margaret Bahret to Marist College for $110,000

Note A6. Sales of lot occupied by MidHudson Mall, opposite Marist Campus
        The Mall is bookended by Home Depot and Staples.

8 October 1909 liber 362 page 309 Fairview Improvement Co to F.I.A.T.
28 july 1910 liber 365 page 400 Fairview Improvement Co to F.I.A.T.
20 July 1910 liber 365 page 410 City of Poughkeepsie to F.I.A.T.
     gives access to land near Hudson River given to City of Poughkeepsie by Nicholas Jungeblut

20 February 1911 liber 374 page 236 F.I.A.T. to Fairview Improvement Co
          agreement to place railroad switch on FIAT land
6 February 1918 liber 401 page 201  F.I.A.T. to Duesenberg Motors Corporation
14 July 1922 liber 425 page 276 Duesenberg Motors Corporation to Clement C Miniger
15 July 1922 liber 425 page 279 Clement C Miniger & wife to Electric Auto-Lite Company
           (Electric Auto-Lite was a subsidiary of Willys)
6 February 1926 liber 463 page 474 Electric Auto-Lite Company to Ray Securities Company
5 March 1928 liber 483 page 436 Raysec Corp to Lancia Motors of America
          Raysec is successor to Ray Securities Company
18 March 1931 liber 512 page 387 Lancia Motors of America by referee Leon E Fay
          for bankrupt Lancia to Raysec Corp
7 April 1932 liber 523 page 167 Raysec Corp to May L Buhrer
29 Oct 1934 liber 541 page 326 May L Buhrer to Edward H Wadewitz
19 January 1935 liber 544 page 54 Edward H Wadewitz to Western Printing & Lithographic Company

transactions after Western Printing & Lithographing Co decided to leave Poughkeepsie.

24 June 1985 liber 1674 page 102 Western Publishing Inc to Hexalon Real Estate Inc of Atlanta Ga
          complete written description of the parcel
26 June 1985 liber 1674 page 106 Hexalon Real Estate Inc to Arthur H Bienenstock of 100 Wall Street NYC
1995 doc#1325 liber 1957 page 612 Arthur M Bienenstock to MidHudson Center LLC
1996  doc#4421 liber 1981 page 311 MidHudson Center LLC to BC_NY LLC  5 year lease
1998 doc#6819 MidHudson Center LLC to Starwood Cerozzi Poughkeepsie Inc
2000 doc#2237 MidHudson Center LLC Starwood Cerozzi Poughkeepsie Inc 48 year lease
2000 doc #6501 MidHudson Center LLC Staples the Office Superstore East Inc

200 x 200 parcel east of route 9 originally used for parking for Woodcliff Pleasure Park

 28 July 1936 liber 604 page 570 Dutchess County Sheriff to Tempa E Dyruff
          tax sale of 200 x 200 parcel east of route 9
25 Aug 1946 liber 634 page 224  Tempa E Dyruff to Arthur Wheeler
          lease of 200 x 200 parcel east of route 9 
 1 Feb 1946 liber 635 page 437 Tempa E Dyruff to Western Printing and Lithographic Co.  


Note A7  Details of deeds related to Steel Plant Studio

21 Dec 1984 liber 1656 page 490:  Martin A & Sylvia Kurkhill to Marist College
The deed mentions three separate parcels previously acquired by the Kurkhills.

parcel #1
3 Feb 1917
liber 396 page 492:  Fairview Improvement Co to Christian F. Bahret
23 Nov 1956 liber 933 page 185 Rosa Bahret, sole survivor of & executor of estate of Christian Bahret to Martin Kurkhill & Morris B May.
            trapezoid 341 feet south of Fulton between Bech Place and railroad  width 57.6 north-to-south and 166 north and 133 south

parcel #2   8 Jun 1941  liber 1059 page 915  Fairview Improvement Co to Martin Kurkhill and Morris B May
                              50' x 30'  strip to Bech Place ?

parcel #3            1927 liber 485 page 361: Fairview Improvement Company to James & Nellie Bergin
1 Nov 1927 liber 480 page 474:  James & Nellie Bergin to Thomas Czaplenski
30 Nov 1948 liber 612 page 451:  Thomas & Helen Czaplenski to John Blandino
16 Apr 1945 liber 625 page 57:   John & Helen Blandino to Louis Lazar & Alfred Dube
24 Dec 1945 liber 634 page 146:  Alfred M Dube and Louis Lazar & ano to Stephen Balint
  8 Dec 1949 liber 734 page 507:  Stephen Balint to Mollie Eisner & Irvin M Tofel
31 Mar 1950 liber 740 page 309:  Irvin M Tofel to Mollie Eisner
1 Apr 1952  liber 799 page 334:  Mollie Eisner of 45 Hooker Ave to Martin Kurkhill of Mt Kisco
                        144' x 30' strip between building and Bech Place   



Note A8  Details of deeds related to Kem Plastic Playing Cards Co

Kem ownership of part of the Winslow Estate

 16 Dec 1946 liber 652 page 64  Runk Realty Corp to Kem Plastic Playing Card Co
                     27 acre former Winslow estate west of route nine
 1 Feb 1948 liber 682 page 605  Kem Plastic Playing Cards Co to V. J. Costanzi Co                    

Deeds relating to Kem purchase of a building between Bech Place and the railroad

17 May 1912 liber 374 page 278:  Fairview Improvement Company to Alexander Bolognesi of Brooklyn NY
17 Nov 1913 liber 392 page 487: Alexander & Benilde Bolognesi to A. B. Manufacturing Company
29 Mar 1915 liber 378 page 276:  Fred Hornbeck referee for A. B. Manufacturing Company to Mechanics & Metals National Bank of City of New York
 2 Apr 1915 liber 393 page 23:  Mechanics & Metals National Bank of City of New York to William L Lyall
 25 Sep 1916 liber 395 page 84:  William Lyall to W. L. Battery Company Inc
10 July 1917 liber 399 page 120:  W. L. Battery Company Inc to Permalife Storage Battery Co
 8 Apr 1920 liber 410 page 388:  Permalife Storage Battery Co to David Alexander
27 May 1920 liber 410 page 389:  David Alexander, widower, to Baxton Realty Company
1 Oct 1920 liber 412 page 105:  Baxton Realty Company to N Y Enameled Steel Sign Co Inc
15 Dec 1927 liber 481 page 395:   N Y Enameled Steel Sign Co Inc to L.D. Nelke Signs of New York
24 Sep 1935 liber 547 page 369:  Joseph Acher, referee for L.D. Nelke Signs of New York to Poughkeepsie Trust Company
  1 Apr 1942 liber 599 page 196:  Poughkeepsie Trust Company to Western Printing and Lithographing Co of NY
30 Dec 1943 liber 613 page 311:  Western Printing and Lithographing Co of NY to Western Printing and Lithographing Co of Wisconsin
31 Dec 1946 liber 655 page 183:  Western Printing and Lithographing Co of Wisconsin to Kem Plastic Playing Cards Inc.

The deeds above refer to the larger  parcel between Bech Place and the railroad.  the Kem sale to Marist College mentions two other parcels, which were split from what had been a single parcel.  This provided Kem with ownership from the railroad at the east to Bech Place at the west.

9 Dec 1918 liber 404 page 33:  Fairview Improvement Company to Adolph Paul Koerner
12 Aug 1935 liber 557 page 468:  Paul Miller, treasurer of Dutchess County conducted a tax sale on the Koerner holdings which resulted in a sale to Martha Gellrich
1 June 1949 liber 719 page 550:  Martha Gellrich to Charles Chapman Sr.
27 Dec 1951 liber 795 page 544:  Charles Chapman Sr to Edward Dingee  (first section of the Chapman purchase)
16 Feb 1951 liber 795 page 547:   Edward Dingee to Kem Plastic Playing Cards Inc.

13 Nov 1957 liber 961 page 467  Charles Chapman Jr as executor of estate of
         Charles Chapman Sr to Joseph E Prince.  $4500 for (second section of the Chapman purchase)
30 Dec 1957 liber 980 page 432:  Joseph W and Mary Prince to Kem Plastic  Playing Cards Inc.
         tis parcel ws directly north of the Kem holdings

After Kem Plastic Playing Cards relocated to Long Island, the three parcels were sold to Marist College

2004 doc# 12479 KPPC Inc doing business as Kem Plastic Playing Cards Inc to Marist Real Property Services Inc


Note A9  Details of Fairview Improvement lot 23 at 63 North road on Map 713
6 August 1919 liber 406 page 485 Fairview Improvement Co to William Howell
08 October 1927 liber 480 page 199 William Howell to George L and Mae McMickle
30 November 1951 liber 790 page 376 Albert & Martha McMickle to Charles E and Dorothy M Hughes
8 January 1975 liber 1399 page 497 Charles E and Dorothy M Hughes to Robert E Walberg and Lorraine S Anderson
18 December 1979 liber 1526 page 139 Robert E and Lorraine S Walberg wf to Robert and Carolyn Van Tassell
10 August 1981 liber 1563 page 477 Robert & Carolyn Van Tassell to Marist College

Note B1  Details of Fairview lot # 13 at 73 North Road to Marist College

2 July 1917 liber 398 page 569  Fairview Improvement Co to Lawrence Mingey: at least lot # 14
19 Jan 1920  liber 408 page 415   Fairview Improvement Co to Lawrence Mingey  lot 12 of Ogden map 713

1 Aug 1923 liber 436 page 125:  Lawrence Mingey Jr to William D and Kittie Osterhoudt: lots 13, 12, and 14.
30 Mar 1945 liber 624 page 220:   Ronald A Osterhoudt and Margaret Bahret to Katherine Habinowski
      lots 12, 13, 14 of map 713, except what was previously sold
     13 Sep 1929 liber 499 page 439;  William D Osterhoudt and wife Kittie to William & Margaret Bahret: lot #12 of map  713
     23 Aug 1933 liberr 534 page 58:  William D & Kittie Osterhoudt to William F & Margaret Bahret: lot #14 of map 713        
24 Jun 1964 liber 1135 page 255:  Katherine Habinowski to Walter J & Anna Habinowski:   lot # 13 of map 713
1 Nov 1984 liber 1651 page 340:  Anna Habinowski to Marist College


Note B2  Details of Fairview lot # 15 at 71 North Road to Marist College
13 Oct 1909 liber 363 page 368 Fairview Improvement Company to William H Flannigan
 2 Mar 1923 liber 433 page 121 William H & Mary Flannigan to Henry J and Julia Curran
21 Nov 1968 liber 1255 page 750 Ann Elizabeth Pribish as executor of will of
    Julia Curran dec'd to Richard J and Larraine Schamberg
21 Nov 1968 liber 1255 page 752 Henry and Francis Curran to Richard J and Larraine J Schamberg
22 Aug 1972 liber 1339 page 52 Richard J & Larraine J Schamberg to Joseph M & Patricia Norton
14 Jul 1975 liber 1567 page 716 Joseph Michael & Patricia Irene Norton to Joseph Michael Norton
6 Aug 1982 liber 1584 page 620 Joseph Michael Norton to Russell W Hadden
9 Aug 1982 liber 1587 page 310 Russell W Hadden of Highland NY to Marist College

Note B3  Details of Fairview lot # 21 at 65 North Road to Marist College

20 Apr 1920 liber 409 page 583 Fairview Improvement Company to Charles S Mitchell and Joseph Perlmutter: lots 16, 21, & 22 of map 713

22 Jun 1923 liber 434 page 430  Charles S Mitchell and Rose Mitchell to Joseph Perlmutter: their share of lots 16, 21, & 22
15 Sep 1923 liber 437 page 289  Joseph and Jennie B Perlmutter to William J Davis
6 june 1941 liber 592 page 220:  George Davis and James E Carroll, executors of estate of William J Davis dec'd to Margaret Davis
26 Aug 1942 liber 603 page 192:  Margaret Davis to Nicholas & Margarert Manna
3 Oct 1950  liber 757 page 192:  Nicholas and Margaret Manna to Frank W & Edith M Gallo
3 Jun 1974 liber 1384 page 241:  Edith M Gallo of 65 North Road to Peter F & Maria T Belmonte
11 Dec 1979  liber 1531 page 125 agmt Town of Poughkeepsie with Peter F and Maria T Belmonte easement for 4th ward sewer improvement area
10 Nov 1982 liber 1585 page 694 Peter F & Maria T Belmonte to Marist College


Note B4  Details of Fairview lot # 19 at 67 North Road to Marist College

20 Feb 1920 liber 409 page 432 Fairview Improvement Co to Edward & Lucy Robinson Ryan
7 Augt 1930 liber 508 page 208 Edward & Lucy Ryan to John Manfredi
23 Dec 1992 doc#8893 liber 1938 page 169 John Manfredi Sr to Marist College


Note B5  Details of Blocksum & Co to Marist Real Property Services Co

24 Jan 1919 liber 404 page 337;  Fairview Improvement Compan to Liberty Starters Corp
           $1500 for 5 acres north of Cedar Street
11 July 1921  liber 416 page 341  Edward Stickles, receiver for Liberty Starters Co to Albert J Nichols
7 Sept 1921  liber 417 page 389  Albert L and Florence May Nichols to Algonquin Electric Manufacturing Corporation
27 Oct1926  liber 471 page 237  Algonquin Electric Manufacturing Corporation to Algonquin Electric Company Inc
15 Jan 1927  liber 473 page 256  A E Electric Company, a NY corporation to Algonquin Electric Company, a Delaware corporation
 4 Dec 1928  liber 491 page 439  Algonquin Electric Company by referee to Poughkeepsie Trust Company
              John Van Der Water was the referee

30 July 1928  liber 437 page 415  Poughkeepsie Savings Bank to Anna Hanson & Carissa Donaldson
10 Apr 1929  liber 495 page 51  Anna Hanson & Carissa Donaldson to Fairview Foundry inc

23 June 1937  Poughkeepsie Trust Company to The Frisbie Pie Company
19 Apr 1938  The Frisbie Pie Company to Hudson Valley Pie Company
15 June 1951 Hudson Valley Pie Company to Lois Smith Morin
          this parcel at address 70 West Cedar Street
8 Nov 1956  liber 933 page 397  Lois Smith Morin To Fairview Foundry Corp
2 Jun 1958  liber 980 page 350 Fairview Foundry Corp to Harris-Intertype Corp
28 Jan 1969  liber 1259 page 570 Harris-Intertype to Hudson Castings Corp
   Parcel #1 of map # 4289 filed with Dutchess County Clerk 20 Nov 1973                           

12 July 1973  liber 1363 page 314 Hudson Castings Corp to Blocksum & Co
           Parcel #1 of map # 4289 filed with Dutchess County Clerk 20 Nov 1973

26 Apr 1973 liber 1328 page 539 Hudson Castings Corp to Vincent F & Elvira E Russo
26 Nov 1973  liber 1372 page 884  Vincent P and Elvira E Russo to Blocksum & Co
         Parcel #2 of map # 4289 filed with Dutchess County Clerk 20 Nov 1973

2003 doc# 4214  Brush & Weaving Corp (formerly Blocksum & Co) to Marist Real Property Services
          Parcels #1 and #2 of map # 4289 filed with Dutchess County Clerk 20 Nov 1973

 Parcel #3 of map # 4289 remains private with a medical practice building on the site:

29 Nov 1973 liber 1373 page 224  Vincent P & Elvira E Russo to Isidro Ferrando MD   3.91 acre parcel #3
2006 doc # 821    Ferrando Trust to Govind S. Gill MD ofr Rhinebeck. 


Note B6  Deeds related to Liberty Starters Corporation and Reliance Aniline & Chemical Company

Liberty Starters Corporation

24 Jan 1919 liber 404 page 337;  Fairview Improvement Company to Liberty Starters Corp
           $1500 for 5 acres north of Cedar Street

11 July 1921  liber 416 page 341  Edward Stickles, receiver for Liberty Starters Co to Albert J Nichols
          see under Blocksum for further history

          Reliance Aniline & Chemical Company

30 Sept 1911  liber 371 page 151  Fairview Improvement Company to Standard Concrete Co of Poughkeepsie

14 July 1917 liber 399 page 62  Standard Concrete Co of Poughkeepsie by receiver to Reliance Aniine and Chemical Co     $4300

23 Mar 1920  liber 409 page 151:  Fairview Improvement Company to Reliance Aniline & Chemical Corp
          5.12 acres along Central NE Railway and Cedar Street
Agreement 23 Mar 1920 liber 409 page 157:   William Knauss and Reliance Aniline & Chemical Corporation
          releases Knauss right to right of way on Aniline lot

14 August 1923  Ray Guernsey, special master for Reliance Aniline & Chemical Co to North America Color Corp
         $17,000 for 5.12 acres

15 Jun 1925  liber 457 page 124   North American Color Corp to Maurice Simmons
30 Dec 1929  liber 505 pa ge 392  Maurice and Dora Simmons to John Aborio
7 Oct 1950   liber 757 page 495   John and Maria Arborio to John Arborio Inc
          parcel along CNE RR from Cedar Street to planned Spring St extension
18 Sep 1995  liber 1060 page 153  doc# 6660   John Arborio Inc to Marist Real Property Services Inc.


Note B7  Deeds related to lots 1,2 and 4 on map 713

27 Feb 1923 liber 434 page 283:  John G and Frederika Bahret to Walter E and Edith K Walker
probably part of lot 3.  Bahret purchased from his brother Christian Bahret, who was president of Fairfiew Improvement Co
7 July 1924  liber 480 page 361:   Fairview Improvement Company to James & Nellie Bergin
parcel between Bech Place and CNERR 203 feet south of Fulton 59 x 190 x 68 x 186 below other lands of Bergin

Agreement  30 Nov 1928  liber 491 page 44:  Fairview Improvement Company & ors with James J & Nellie A Bergin
          Bergins own lots 1, 2, part of 3, and 4. Agreement releases from restrictions.
5 Dec 1928 liber 491 page 447  Walter E Walker and Edith K Walker to James J Bergin and Nellie A Bergin
          lots # 1 and #2 on Ogden map 713 drawn on October 1910
7 Dec 1928  liber 491 page 446:  James J and Nellie A Bergin to Fred and Rose Ferris
           lots # 1 and #2 on Ogden map 713 drawn on October 1910
day mon 1964  liber 1126 page 70:  Rose Ferris widow & Jeanette Masour daughter, both of Austin TX to Frank Sorrentino:  lot # 1 on Ogden Map # 713

16 Mar 1993 document #1742:  Dominick J Caputo to Beck-Turek Ltd:  lot #3 on Ogden Map 713

missing:  trail beyond Frank Sorrentino


 Note B9.   Deeds relating to John Arborio Inc of 35 West Cedar Street

24 Aug 1923 liber 437 page 157   Ray Guernsey, special master for Reliance Aniline & Chemical Co to North America Color Corp
          $17,000 for 5.12 acres
15 Jun 1925  liber 457 page 124   North American Color Corp to Maurice Simmons
30 Dec 1929  liber 505 pa ge 392  Maurice and Dora Simmons to John Aborio
7 Oct 1950   liber 757 page 495   John and Maria Arborio to John Arborio Inc
          parcel along CNE RR from Cedar Street to planned Spring St extension
18 Sep 1995  liber 1060 page 153  doc# 6660   John Arborio Inc to Marist Real Property Services Inc.


Note B10  Deeds related to property at corner of Bech and Fulton last owned by William Hyson

1 Feb 1911 liber 367 page 400  Fairview Improvement Co to American Mineral Wood Co:   SE corner at Fulton St and Bech Place
1 Feb 1911 liber 367 page 399  Fairview Improvement Co to American Mineral Wood Co:    gives American Mineral Wood Co the right to exchange for a larger parcel withion two years.  Option was never exercised.
10 May 1912 liber 374 page 238   American Mineral Wood Co of NJ to American Mineral Wood Co of NY:   transfers Fairview holding to a New York company
15 May 1912 liber 374 page 239 agreeent between American Mineral Wood Co of NY and Fairview Improvement Company to share railroad tracks on American Mineral Wood property.
15 Oct 1914 liber 396 page 416  Charles M Kirk assignee of American Mineral Wood Co of NY to Herman Hs Vail
2 Jan 12915 liber 389 page 418   Herman H Vail to Asbestos Wood Mfg Co:  parcel with buildings & equipment
23 Sept 1919 liber 407 page 255   Asbestos Wood Mfg Co to Fred C hornbech:  sale price is $2800
23 Oct 1919 liber 407 page 518   Fred & Ellura B Hornbech to Sinclair Refining Co of Maine:   see map 1153 of 21 Oct 1919
31 Oct 1922 liber 433 page 167   Sinclair Refining Co to Tide Water Oil Sales Corp:   sells lot, factory building & right to rr switch
  lease 12 Aug 1932 liber 526 page 469   Tide Water Oil Sales Corp lessor to Fred R J Horlacher of 49 Fairview Ave lessee 110 x 250 lot with address 51-53 Fairview for gas station
2 Mar 1945 liber 623 page 496   Tide Water Oil Sales Corp to Charles Braverman
1 May 1946 liber 652 page 117   Charles Braveman to Philip S and Agnes F Potter of 3 Dwight St
day month 1947 liber 654 page 597   Philip S and Agnes F Potter  to P S Potter & Sons Inc
3 Oct 1949 liber 727 page 391   P S Potter & Sons Inc to William E & Janet E Hyson who assume mortgages of $6,284.01 and $3,046.75
1999 document # 11449  Janet Hyson to Suburban Ventures Inc (bankruptcy action)

2000 doc # 5399   Suburban Ventures Inc to Marist Real Property Services:  lot directly south of Fulton St between Bech Place and Central New England RR



Note B11 Deeds related to Leon Bloom, president of Hamilton Reproductions Inc along West Cedar Street

         Leon R Bloom and Hamilton Reproductions 

15 June 1951 liber 776 page 311   Hudson Valley Pie Company to Lois Smith Morin
          see note B5 for trail from Fairview Improvement to Hudson Valley Pie Company.
Lois Smith Morin sells in two portions:
8 Aug 1956 liber 933 page 397   Lois Smith Morin to Fairview Foundry

in 1961 Lois Smith sells the remainder to MEJJ Reality
17 July 1961   liber 1061 page 553   Lois Smith Morin to MEJJ Realty Co., Inc.
31 Nov 1970   liber 1293 MEJJ Realty Co., Inc. to Leon R Bloom
21 Sept 1996  liber 1986 page 268  doc#7847  Leon R bloom dec'd to Marist Real Property Services Inc.



Note B12 Deeds related to lot # 16 on Ogden Map 713

30 Apr 1920  liber 409 page 583   Fairview Improvement Co to Charles Mitchell & Joseph Perlmutter:lots #16 #21 & #22
22 Jun 1923  liber 434 page 438   Charles & Rose W Mitchell to Joseph Perlmutter: lots #16 #21 & #22
10 Sep 1923  liber 437 page 350   Joseph & Jennie S Perlmutter to Carl S Lang & David Harris:  lots #16 and # 22
19 Sep 1923  liber 437 page 371   Carl & Marie Lang and David Harris to Vincent & Ethel Morano:  lot # 16
23 Mar 1944  liber 615 page 11   Vincent A & Ethel A Morano of 3 Beck Place to William & Nora Toomey of 9 Fulton St:   lot # 16
27 Jan 1953 liber 822 page 526   Nora Toomey to John C & Frances Naylor
30 Jan 1957 liber 937 page 115   John C & Frances Naylor to Everett & Junita Parks
22 Aug 1963  liber1107 page 777   Everett Parks to Mayhill Corp
day month 1980  liber 1528 page 823   MayHill Corp at 61 North Road to Martin & Sylvia Kurkhill and Morris & Claire May
9 Dec 1982  liber 1591 page 790  Martin Kurkhill & Morris B & Claire B May to Joseph William Berry Sr & Jennie
2011 document #3787   Joseph William Berry Jr to Marist Real Property Services:  lot #16 at 3 Bech Place


Note B13  Deeds related to Knauss Brothers abattoir

6 Aug 1919  liber 433 p 410:  Fairview Improvement Company to William & Emma Knauss
31 Dec 1924  liber 790 p 420  liber 790 page 420:  William & Emma Knauss and Ernest G and Paulina Knauss to Knauss Brothers Inc.  (the abattoir parcel).
23 Oct 1957  liber 957 p 29:  Knauss Brothers Inc with Fairview Improvement Co.  Agreement that wells on Knauss property are owned by Fairview Improvement who are responsible for their maintenance.
31 Oct 1960 liber 1043 p 69:  Knauss Brotheers Inc lessor to Seneca Packing Co lessee.  Seneca leases cross hatched areas on maps 2949 and 2950 for 5 years, renewable for another 5 years for $35,000 annual rent.
1960  liber 1043 p 78: Knauss Brothers Inc agreement with Dutchess Bank & Trust Co
1962 liber 1079 p 857: Knauss Brothers Inc agreement with Dutchess Bank & Trust Co
1966 liber 1206 p 57 Knauss Brothers Inc to Seneca Packing Co

1966 liber 1206 p 47: Irving Schlossberg to Knauss Brothers Inc
26 Jan 1971 liber 1206 p 47: Irving Schlossberg to Knauss Brothers Inc
26 Jan 1971 liber 1302 p 567 Knauss Brothers Inc to irving Schlossberg Tax sale
22 May 1972  liber 1332 p 762  Knauss Brothers Inc by referee George G Bernhard to Irving Schlossberg

9 March 1972 liber 1331 p 647:  Irving Schlossberg to Julian E Chugerman seems to relate to liber 1332 p 762
11 Aug 1972 liber 1338 p 359:   Irving Schlossberg to Salvatore Scangarello and Tony Pintarelli
12 Nov 1976 liber 1443 p 728:   Salvatore Scangarello and Tony Pintarelli to Julian E Chugerman. cites liber 1387 p 861

4 Nov 2008 doc# 6858:  Julian E Chugerman to Landslide Enterprises, LLC 57 Fulton Street
5 Nov 2008 doc# 6860:  Julian E Chugerman to Landslide Enterprises, LLC 51A Fulton Street
the sales to Landslide Enterprises created a subdivision occupied in 2014 by J C Paper Company as tenant.



Note B14   Deeds related to Star Gas Company at 33 Fulton Street

17 July 1913 liber 382 page 217:  Fairview Improvement Company to Gulf Refining Corp based in Port Arthur, Texas
30 June 1936 liber 608 page 550:  Gulf Refining Corp to Gulf Oil Corp of Pennsylvania
         Grantee owns all stock and assets of Gulf Refining Corp effective 1 Feb 1936
10 June 1943 liber 608 page 399:  Gulf Oil Corp to John V and Dorothy S Bush
          this deed cites preceding history
7 July 1955 liber 893 page 494:  John and Dorothy Bush lessors to Duso Chemical Company
          leases most of the parcel to Duso Chemical Co except part leased to Star Gas Cos Inc.
1964 liber 1117 page 190:  John V Bush and wife Dorothy S to Kantorer Realty Associates
          sells parcel to Kantorer Realty but requires Grantee to honor lease of 7 July 1955 to Duso Chemical Co and lease dated 27 May 1948 to Star Gas Co
24 March 1972 liber 1329 page 852:  Kantorer Realty Associates to Star Gas Co., Inc.
          Grantee and Grantor at same address of 33 Fulton St
          railroad has right to side track on premises.
15 August 1977 liber 1465 page 55:  Star Gas Co. Inc. to Star Gas Products Inc.