In 1686 a patent was granted to Mynert Hermanse and John Sanders for land along the Hudson River in the Dutchess County area.  It  was described as beginning at where the Fallkill Creek enters the Hudson (creek entrances were considered permanent landmarks) and moving directly east to the Wappingers Creek, which had turned north from where we think of Wappingers.  The northern boundary was where the Indian makes his tent along the Hudson (now called Quiet Cove and better recognized as the former Navy Boathouse during the Poughkeepsie Regatta times)  The line extended due east till it reached Wappingers Creek. It essentially separates the current town of Hyde Park from the town of Poughkeepsie.

To place the patent in perspective, look at a sketch of nearby patents:Hint: to magnify the map, press ctrl & "+"; to shirnk press ctrl & "-".

lpatene overview

When the Hudson River was owned by the Dutch, there were few permanent settlements other than New York, Staten Island, Kingston, and Albany.  They were used as areas to purchase furs from the Indians.  When the British took over the area, the emphasis shifted to settling with a view for population immigration from Europe.  The patent was a grant of land to individuals with the expectations that the grantees would assist in bringing in permanent populations to settle the area.

Some of the patents were granted by the King of England himself, such as those granted to the Livingstons and Pells. This group of grantees tried to continue the pattern of holding the land and granting leases to others or hiring others to work the land.  this eventually led to settlers on the Hudson River being excluded from the westward migration along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal, where land was available for purchase by independent individuals.

patent itself\ 

This chart of the actual land included in the Hermanse & Sanders patent shows that the northern border became the Town of Clinton (later the Town of Hyde Park).  The southern border was a straight line up from the mouth of Fallkill Creek (near Mount Carmel Church).  The Fallkill dips south as it moves eastward, then bends back and eventually moves north behind the present St. Peter's Cemetery on Salt Point Turnpike road in the town of Poughkeepsie.  Variations in the course of creeks and the direct east line led to many disputes between neighboring patentees.

The western border of the patent was the Hudson River, and the eastern border was the Wappingers Creek which flows southerly through the town of Poughkeepsie before it turns westward in the direction of Wappingers Falls.

The current Marist College property extends south along the Hudson from the boundary line marked Town of Clinton to a line approximately even with the S in Hudsons or the S in Sanders.  Since these map diagrams were made prior to the railroad running along the Hudson, allowances ought to be made for changes to the original lands which became Marist College.

I attempted unsuccessfully to locate the actual wording of the original Hermanse and Sanders patent.  The closest I could find it its description in

Smith, Philip Henry, 1842-. General History of Duchess County: From 1609 to 1876, Inclusive. Pawling, N.Y.: The author, 1877  pages 333-336

This book has been digitized by Google and  is available in ebook form at the Marist College Library.  Kathryn Silberger, Automation Resource Librarian, was helpful in introducing me to the world and marvels of ebooks.

We append a copy of an ancient deed on file in the County Clerk's office in Poughkeepsie.

This Indenture made in the city of New York on the Ninth day of September,in the Ninth year of her majesties Reigne 1710, between Myndert Harmense of Duchess County in the Province of New York, planter,and Helena his wife, of the one part, and Leonard Lewis, of New York,merchant of the other part. Whereas Col. Peter Schuyler of the city of Albany by Certain Deed made under his hand and scale bearing Date the Thirtyeth Day of August in the year of our Lord 1699, did grant, bargaine and Sell unto Robert Sanders and the said Myndert Harmense their heirs and assigns for ever all that certain tract or parcell of Land scituate Lying and being on the east side of the Hudson River in Duchess County at a certain place called the Long Reach slanting over against Juffrows Hook at a place called the Rust Plaats, from thence Eastward into the woods to a creek. Called by the Indians Pictawiikquasick, known by the christians Jan Casperses Creek, Northward to a Water Fall where the saw mill belonging to Myndert Hermanse aforesaid stands upon, and so southward alongst the Hudsons River aforesaid to the said Rust Plaats with all and singular its appurtenances, being part of the Lands granted to the said Peter Schuyler by Coll. Thomas Dongan, Late Gov. of this Province by patent dated the Second Day of June 1688, * * * * * and whereas the said Thomas Dongan, by patent bearing date the twenty-fourth day of October 1686 did grant unto the said Robert Sanders and Myndert Harmse a certain tract of land containing twelve thousand whereas the said Robert Sanders has since deceased, and thereby the said Myndert Harmense as survivor is become solely vested in the premises, now this Indenture witnesseth that the said Myndert Harmense, by and with the consent of Helena his wife, by these presents sell unto the said Leonard Lewis for and in ye consideration of 140 Lbs lawful money of New York all those two tracts and Parcells of Land scituate Lying and being in the county aforesaid, and part of the above-mentioned premises, the one beginning on the South side of a certain Pond on the Partition Line of Baltus Van Kleeck with a west Line to the Water side, and so along the water side to the land of John Kips to the Northward of the Creek having Water Falls and so east along John Kips Land to the Hill unto the Pine Trees, and thence southerly to the east of the Pond to the place where it began, with the whole creek and all the waterfalls thereof as well without as within the boundaries aforesaid as also one other tract beginning on the north side of a Piece of meadow that lyes by the River side and runs easterly along the meadow and marsh to the Sprout called the first Sprout which makes the bounds on the south side of Peter Viele and Runns along the said Sprout Easterly unto the most Easterly Part of the first Sprouts Plain, and thence East North East to the Creek Having Waterfalls, and so along the said Creek Southward to the Land of John Kips, and so by the said Land Westerly to Hudsons River, and so along the River Northerly to the meadow where it began, with privilege of Cutting Wood and Timber in the woods, to make hay in all the meadows and outdrift for Cattle and Horses in all the Lands not cultivated of the said Myndert Harmense, and together with all and singular the woods, underwoods. Trees, Timber, Pastures, Feedings, Marshes, Meadows, Swamps, Stones, Quarries, Mines, Mincralls (Royall Mines Excepted) Pools, Ponds, Springs, Waters, Watercourses, Rivers, Rivoletts and the only privilege of erecting a Mill or Mills on the Great Creek aforesaid, without stoppage of stream or water. * * *  to Have and to hold the above bargained and hereby to be granted Two Tracts of Land, Creek and all others the Privileges, Comodities and Appurtenances before mentioned unto him the said Leonard Lewis his heirs and assigns forever.

Myndert Harmense.

Co. Rec. Deeds, Book A. p. 251.

Another grant of land is recorded by which the relict of acres to be taken in one entire piece out of the lands hereafter mentioned, that is to say out of a certain Parcell of Land scituate in Duchess County aforesaid called Minnesinck on the East side of Hudsons River to the North of the Land of Soveryn Alias called the Bakers with Arrable Lands, Woodlands and Marshes with the creek called Wynagkee with Tree Tones, Range and outdrift for cattle and the fall of waters called Pendanick Reen, and another marsh lying to the north of the fall of waters called Wareskeehin as in and by the said Patent relation thereto may fully and at large appear, and Robert Sanders convey to pieter u ziele of Duchess Co., " provided the said pieter u ziele, his heirs or assignees pay yearly and every year halfe a Bushel of good winter wheat when demanded, to commence from ye fifth day of September 1700 for quitt Rent unto the said Myndert Harmense and Thomas Sanders or their heirs or assignees. In testimony whereof the said Myndert Harmense and Helena his wife Elsie Sanders and Thomas Sanders have hereunto sett their hands and seales att pagkeepsing this 8th day of June 1708.

A true copy recorded and examined, per me, Henry Vanderburgh, Clerk, March the nth Ano 172I*

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