died September 1989. To his many leadership duties as Director of Student Brothers, Marist College Trustee and Superior General, Brother Brennan brought to these relationships the qualities of simplicity, modesty and humility, please click here.

BROTHER TERENCE JONES died November 30, 1988. He personified Father Champagnat words that a Brother is a man for whom the whole world is not large enough. For Brother Terence, the world was not big enough, but no one was ever too small for Terence's kindness. He embraced everyone God sent into his life with an enthusiasm as constant as it was daunting, please click here..

BROTHER ROCH ANTHONY ROTUNNO died November 11, 1987. Brother John Herrmann explained how Brother Roch used his banking skills to nourish the Marist missions and how in his simplicity and fidelity to the Lord's calling, he was a true son of Father Champagnat, please click here.

BROTHER JOSEPH DAMIEN died November 3, 1987. Brother George Fontana recalls that Brother Joseph was a rock of stability and an oak of manly piety. Brother Cyprian Rowe remembers Brother Damien everytime he hears a chopping of trees, a raking of leaves, or if he walks along a winding road in snow-covered uplands,
please click here.

BROTHER AUGUSTINE PINARD died September 13, 1987. Brother Thomas Petitte speaks of Brother Augustine as a respected, much loved educator, friend, and religious Brother whom many fondly called Pop and that the neighborhood children would often ask if Brother Gus could come out and play with them, please click here.

BROTHER XAVIER LEONARD BOULANGER died August 26, 1987. Brother Thomas Petitte recalls that Brother Leonard's simplicity and service were the gifts he brought to the Marist community, please click here.

BROTHER FELIX MATTHIAS RUSSELL died August 17, 1987. Brother John Malich's eulogy points out that that Felix has finally arrived at home and that all his yearnings have been so wonderfully and unimaginably fulfilled, please click here.

BROTHER RAPHAEL ZIEGER died June 10, 1987. Brother Matthew Callanan remembers Brother Raphael as was one of those rare individuals who was able to touch many lives during his Marist missionary journey from Germany, through Italy and China to his final resting place in Kobe,Japan, please click here.

BROTHER BRENDAN REGIS GINNITY died February 15, 1987. Father Thomas R. Flynn of Emory University and Brother George Kopper recall their friendship with Brother Brendan who was a man with a heart as big as his Irish frame, please click here.

DANIEL JOSEPH KIRK died  August 9 1984. Gus Nolan remembers how Dan demonstrated special concern for the less fortunate and how he was an effective worker for the poor and for those suffering from mental problems, please click here.

BROTHER LEO (LEGONTIANUS) BROUILLETTE died June 3, 1962. Brother Joseph Belanger recalls that Brother Leo was a beloved physics tacher who, in 1928, founded the Marist Normal School in Poughkeepsie, which evolved into Marist College, please click here

BROTHER PTOLEMEUS MARTHOURET died June 13, 1940. According to Brother Joseph Belanger's notes, Brother Ptolemeus was a visionary administrator who, in 1910, as Provincial of the North American province moved the Scholasticate from St. Ann's Academy in New York City to St. Ann's Hermitage in Poughkeepsie,
please click here.

BROTHER MARY FLORENTIUS POISSON died May 1, 1938. As outlined by Brother Joseph Belanger, Brother Florentius was a human dynamo, administrative genius, and exemplary religious who at 21 years old was named the first Master of ScholastIcs at St. Ann's Hermitage, at 37 years old, founded Mt. St. Michael Academy in the Bronx and at 46 years old founded Central Catholic in Lawrence MA., please click here

BROTHER ZEPHERINY BROUCHIER died December 29, 1927. Brother Joseph Belanger, reveals how Brother Zepheriny founded St. Ann's Academy and made it one of the premier schools in New York City. In 1905, with the financial help of his sister in France, he bought the MacPherson Estate in the town of Poughkeepsie which he renamed St. Ann's Hermitage, the beginning of what is now Marist College, please click here.