died on September 6, 2001. To view Brother Charles Filatrault's reflections on how Brother Larry practiced the little virtues and additionally, Rich Foy comments on how Brother Lawrence set the hallmark for guidance counselors, please click here.

BROTHER ADOLPH LEO LABONTE died May 19, 2001. Brother Thomas Simmons' eulogy recalls Brother Labonte's 27 years as a Marist missionary, please click here.

BROTHER LEONARD ALPHONSE VOEGTLE died March 31, 2001. To view Brother Philip Robert's eulogy emphasizing that Brother Leonard was God's gift to us, please click here.

JOHN (JAMES AUSTIN) MCALEER died on March 13, 2001. William J. Murphy's tribute to John describes him as a man who knew how to love, please click here.

FRANK (PETER MICHAEL) MORAN died March 23, 2001. In his tribute to Frank, Richard La Pietra recalls their shared friendship, please click here.

BROTHER PATRICK TYRREL died February 2, 2001. In his eulogy, Brother John Malich describes Brother Tyrrel as the heart and soul of the Marist High School in Kumamoto, Japan, please click here

BROTHER HENRY JOSEPH RUIZ died in the year 2000. Brother Leonard Voegtle traces Brother Ruiz's life from Spain and its civil war through the United States and to the Philippines, please click here

BROTHER EMILE MICHAEL BERNARD died February 14, 2000. Brother Patrick McNamara uses Brother (Mickey Finn) Bernard's own words to trace his life as a Marist Brother, please click here.

BROTHER LAWRENCE HANSHUMAKER died February 4, 2000. Richard Foy remembers Brother "Hans" as an excellent teacher who had great rapport with his students, a brilliant computer programmer and a "great guy", please click here.

BROTHER JAMES GERARD DIXON died on April 16, 1999. John Sugrue remembers Brother Jay as a man who taught by his actions as well as his words, please click here.

BROTHER DANIEL KOPECKY died on September 15, 1999. David Kammer recalls a very kind Marist Brother who was dedicated to the spirit of St. Marcellin Champagnat and to a life of quietly helping his students, please click here.

FRANCISCO NARGANES died May 21, 1997. His wife, Maria Teresa, remembers her husband, Francisco, as a family man and as a Marist in his heart who went about doing good, always without recognition and without self concern, please click here.

BROTHER PETER LEONARD died January 8, 1996. Brother Paul Ambrose recalls Brother Peter's motto: Do the good that you can, then move on, please click here.

BROTHER BERNARD FLOOD died July 22, 1994. Richard Foy recounts how Barney had his own nice, gentle but intelligent way of handling annoying situations, please click here.

BROTHER DENIS HERMAN LIUZZO died June 1994. In the words of Brother Patrick McNamara: God doesn't make Brothers like Denis anymore, please click here.

BROTHER STEPHEN WEBER died June 15, 1994. In his 91 years, Brother Stephen followed the Marist missionary call from Alsace to Italy to China and finally to Japan, please click here.

EDWARD J CANAVAN died 22 May 1994, Pentecost Sunday.  He taught in Wheeling, St. Ann's Academy, and Xavier High School in Manhattan.  please click here

BROTHER NILUS VINCENT DONNELLY died December 19, 1990. Dr. Dennis J. Murray said that Brother Nilus was literally and figuratively one of the key builders of Marist College. Brother Paul Ambrose called Brother Nilus innovative, knowledgeable and the backbone of the college, please click here.