Profession Ceremony from 65 Years Ago

See below the photo for remarks by J. David Kammer, who is pictured here!


The picture is a challenge, not being very clear, But I think I can add some information.  Though it is well nigh impossible to identify the faces, I know the location and the setup!  A circular flower garden is immediately behind the novices, people are on the other side of the garden, the grotto is to the left (unseen).  The activity pertaining to the taking of the habit is before an altar placed midst the pine trees on the side of the mount of Calvary.  I am quite sure that this was the first year the festivities were staged there ... reason, largest novice group to that point, 28 young men of the group of '42.  (The following year taking of the habit and pronouncing of first vows was not staged there, but across the road midst a pine grove engulfed, I believe, by a corn field.)  By July 26th 1942, Louis Omer had just been appointed provincial, replacing Paul Stratonic, who became assistant general.  That's Louis with his back facing the picture.  That year I was in the front row, shocked that I got one of the names I had suggested as a lark (my grandfather Joe's middle name and my father Joe's middle name for me another Joe!)  Soooooo ... the second novice to the right of Louis Omer's back is ME, I am 95% or 99% sure!

All FYI and for the sake of memory and fun!
Joe alias David Ottmar or Joseph A. David or J. David (take your choice!)

photo enlarged from a tiny snapshot  posted 21 August 2007 source unknown