Tyngsboro Juniorate  1945

How many of these people can you name now that they are a little older?  Who are the faculty members?  No prizes to be awarded, but if we get some more information we will re-publish the picture in a future issue with all the names we can identify.    I can identify:  Brother Raymond Albert  (Armand Huard), Bro Stephen Louis (Arthur LaFleur), Bro Kenneth Evence (Normand Marino), Bro Paul Wilfrid (Raymond Blanchard), Bro Louis Terrence (Marcel LaFlamme) in the back row. In other rows I think I see  Bro Alberic Gerard (Gerard Brunelle), Bro Norman Andrew (Norman  Gagnon), Bro Alfred lGeorge (Robert Ouellette),  Bro Philip Robert (Philip Ouelette), Bro John Alexius (Henri Poirier).