Leo Syllvius and Novice group

Brother William Lavigne at far left, Brother Leo Sylvius third from right, Brother Leo Francis Forrest at Brother Leo's left.

Who are the novices? Can you match them with those in the other photo where Bro Leo Sylvius is seated? If so, send me your identification of the novices at richard.foy@verizon. net . If you identify them correctly, you will win a year's subscription to the MaristsAll newsletter, which will include issue 105, 106, 107 and 108. If you do this within a week, we'll add issue 109! Hurry!

Brother Leo Sylvius was principal of Mount Saint Michael when the new gymnasium/classroom building was dedicated in the early 1950s. He then became the founder of Marist High School in Bayonne. Some Brothers dismissed the idea of establishing a new school in a blue collar city like Bayonne; Leo fought to establish the school, and it remains in thriving existence for over 50 years. Brother William Lavigne and Brother Leo Forrest were teachers at Marist High School.