About Marists All

On December 15, 1986, Gus Nolan sent Christmas greetings to those of the wider Marist family with whom he had been in contact. This extended Marist community had been meeting at the annual GMC picnic which was held at a mid-Hudson Valley state park.

In his letter of greeting, Gus drew attention to a proposal that was circulating during that fall season. The proposal was to "mail a newsletter to every Marist house in the U.S. and to every U.S. address where there is a Marist at heart." The newsletter was to feature news "about Marist Brothers and about brothers who were not canonically attached."

The first issue of that newsletter which became known as Marists All was published in May of 1987. It was four pages in length. The cost and chore of printing and mailing was handled by the Greater Marist Community in Poughkeepsie. Subsequently over the period of 24 years, 1987 to 2010, the newsletter (usually eight or ten pages) has been provided to over 600 persons, now about half by postal mail and half by e-mail notice alerting to presentations on the Marists All web site.

David Kammer and Gus Nolan prepared the contents of each issue, which was printed at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. Members of the Greater Marist Community, recruited and guided by Gus Nolan, folded the copies, stuffed the envelopes and mailed the newsletter. The cost of printing and mailing has been covered by the generous donations of the readers.

In December of 2000, Richard (Linus) Foy set up a web site to carry the current issue of Marists All and those on the Internet were able to read the newsletter at the Marists All Web Site. By February of 2001, the mailing was cut by half. The current version of the newsletter and website was upgraded by Jack Noone in December 2003 and has been maintained since then by Rich Foy. The site is scheduled for an upgrade during 2010.

The Marists All web site now carries all past issues of the newsletter, including David Kammer's exploratory letter of December 2, 1986.

On the LIST of WRITERS' web page, there is an index of all articles in the newsletters and their writers.

Postal and e-mail addresses are also available at the LIST of CONTACTS web page of the Marists All web site.

In September 2002, David Kammer passed the editorship over to the capable and knowledgeable hands of Vincent Poisella ‘58.

Marists All will always retain the loving and caring imprint of David and Gus' leadership and stewardship.