Letter from David Kammer

October 22, 1986


This note is coming to you from David Kammer. I hope the note will soon became a newsletter, quarterly perhaps. Most of us appreciate the province newsletters, whether we hear about the content indirectly, or get a copy through friends in community, or are fortunate enough to be on a province mailing list. I feel that we would be equally happy about a wider ranging newsletter

I have consulted with friends who are geographically near, both those who are in and those who are out. The people around Poughkeepsie have been particularly encouraging; for years they have been fostering mutual contacts and support among all Marists. They have suggested that a newsletter might be printed and mailed from Marist College.

Together, we have come up with these proposals. We would like to mail a newsletter to every Marist community in the U.S. and to every U.S. address where there is a Marist at heart. We propose to share news about all of us, that we may rejoice with one another and be concerned about the distressed. Besides brief news items, the newsletter might feature biographical accounts about Marist Brothers and about brothers who are not canonically attached.

We have spoken with the provincials of both provinces to elicit their thoughts and suggestions; they have been most encouraging. We have proposed that there be an advisory group made up of widely representative people. For now, I will coordinate the beginnings of the project from my Connecticut home.

So we need news ... obviously we won't get off the ground without news; we need your suggestions, too. Of course, we have the addresses of all U.S. Marist houses, but we need other addresses, your address and the addresses of your Marist acquaintances.

Your response to this note will be a signal to us. A few addresses, a bit of news - - on the run if necessary - - short and snappy if you're terribly busy.

I smile ... I'm now retired! Slowed down, but have not stopped much. Have the luxury of walking for exercise, a mile and a half to Mass in the morning; teaching a course on Income Taxes at the local community college twice a week. Too old to do CCD work anymore. Visited the monks this summer at Camp Marist, at Whitensville, and in Wheeling. Saw Pete Ostrowski there, too. Met many from the Poughkeepsie and New York areas at the annual Greater Marist Picnic in September. I hear brother Paul Ambrose is going to the missions in Africa next year, to assist a bishop who has only four priests in his diocese. More on this in the first newsletter, hopefully.

Would like to hear from you.

My address is: David Kammer
107 Woodland Drive Harwinton, Ct. 06791, 06791
Phone number: 203-485-1652

Sincere best wishes to you and yours,