Letter from Gus Nolan

December 15, 1986

December 15, 1986

Dear Friends:

It was planned that the enclosed note from Dave Kammer would be getting to you long before this date, so that it would not be mixed with your Christmas mail. As it turns out, maybe this is not so bad either, for it gives me a chance to enclose a seasonal note, and say Merry Christmas, and wish you the best of blessings for this holiday time.

Dave discussed the idea of trying to initiate something of what he describes in his letter, late in October. It has taken all this time to move the concept along and get his letter to you. I have to apologize for not being more effective, and so, I do so, hoping that my delay will not cool his enthusiasm or the active participation of others.

Too much time has already elapsed without definitive movement so this first communique is being sent hoping that there is a response to merit a follow-up. It is taking more time than I originally thought to gather lists, and to get this project in motion.

This is a busy season for everyone so it may not be so wise to expect a lengthy response from you. That's all right. But suppose in your Christmas card writing - if you still do that tradition - you sent a note to Dave and say " Hello" and a short word about yourself and your wanting to hear from him and others through the newsletter. It is not crucial that this note from you arrive before Christmas -given the present timetable that's almost impossible.

I have already caused enough delay in getting this letter to you, let me end by saying it would be great to have you join in this venture. We have all shared so much already, and that was such a wonderful blessing, there is now a way of opening up channels for continued contacts.

Merry Christmas,

Gus Nolan