Vince Poisella: 61 Golf View Drive, Little Egg Harbor, NJ 8087; 609-294-2148;
Rich Foy: 24 Prestwick Court, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603;
Gus Nolan: 65 Muirfield Court, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603;
David Kammer: 476 La Playa, Edgewater, FL 32141;
Rob Schmid: 1013 Hollywood Avenue, Des Plaines, IL 60016;

Writers for this issue:

Christine Columban sends updated information about the Marist Laity Program, including access to Fr. Edwin Keel's recent presentation on the Liturgy.

Bill('53) and Marge Deschene write of his admiration for Brother John Francis on the feast of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe.

Rich Foy ('46) asks for help to locate photos of buildings near the Poughkeepsie Novitiate

Pat Gallagher '53 while remembering Ceil McNiff's care of Charlie McNiff thinks of the debt of gratitude former brothers owe to their wonderful wives.

Ron Guglielmo '68 a recent reader of MaristsAll tells us of his background and his many friends among the Marists.

Karen Douglas Johnson, a retired professor at Salve Regina University, shares her memories of the McNiff family.

Robert Judge '63 give an interesting account of his career since leaving the Novitiate.

Joe McMahon '51 did not write, but his instructions to join Vision Circles are listed for your use.

Ceil McNiff wrote a short note to MaristsAll readers the morning her husband Frank McNiff '51 died.

Gus Nolan '48 sends us a letter he received from Robert Pinard's wife June. They were married 42 years.

John "oke" O'Connell '58 sends us news of Ob/Wats' members and of the events scheduled for this summer.

Vince Poisella '58 describes the plans for the endgame of the current format of MaristsAll and shows how to become a member of Vision Circles with direction for us dummies.

Jack Ryan '60 has brief but charming words as he envisions the changes in MaristsAll.

Bro Edmund Sheehan '59 appreciates the work done on the Marist cemeteries by Gus Nolan and published in the November Newsletter.

Gene Zirkel '53 recalls his time at Cardinal Hayes with Brother James Venantius Gaffney and his admiration for JV.

Marist Spirtuality Weekend scheduled for July 13, 14, 15, 2012

In Memoriam - a list of recently departed B/brothers.

Marist Spirituality Weekend
Marist College
July 13, 14, 15, 2012

In July 1995, a group of the Brothers, former brothers and spouses came together for a weekend at Marist College. It was part a time of reflection, a time of retreat, and a time of reunion. These many years later, a group fewer in number but stronger in resolve continues to gather at the College to share the journey begun through the spirit of Champagnat and continued by a sense of community and willingness to grow in that same spirit. The central focus this year is Marist Discipleship: Human and Spiritual Growth over the Life Span. Marists All readers are encouraged to join us.
Express interest or direct questions to Vince Poisella at the address, phone number, or email above. Further information will be sent out shortly concerning the program.
Reservations may be made by sending a deposit of $25 to Maurice Bibeau, 4 Van Wert Place, Hyde Park, NY, 12538, by June 1, 2012. Checks should be payable to The Marist Brothers. The remaining balance is due upon arrival at Marist College. The cost of the weekend, including six meals and lodging at Marist College, is $185.00 per person or $330.00 per couple.

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The Marists All Endgame

From VINCE POISELLA '58: As each of you are aware, we are nearing the end of the quarterly Marists All process begun almost twenty-five years ago. I know that you share my misgivings. I am having a difficult time closing things out although I know it is time. Something in me still wants to keep the lines open so that our readers might share and, in addition, benefit by the sharing of others in the Marist world.
Although enough material surfaces for each new issue, we know in our hearts that it is a matter of time when our editorial staff will be forced to close shop. Rather than wait for that moment, we are trying to be proactive and transition into something that is more dependent on the individual contributor than on the editors.
I keep pumping out an additional issue, and Rich continues to keep current our Marists All web site with the same enthusiasm and expertise that he has shown over these last several years by keeping up with the changes in the electronic age. Our readers are still informed by Rob of each issue and of important events, and Gus and David muster energy to provide still another print copy for the more traditional readers.
At this point I am planning two more issues. This February 2012 issue - a month late since I was traveling - will be followed by a July/August issue. That issue may be the last one using this format.
Aside from our editorial team, I want to express gratitude to Br. Sean Sammon, Tony Miserandino, and Joe McMahon for stepping forward to help find direction for a new format. After much discussion with each, I felt that the most convenient format to continue Marists All is a recommendation made by Joe McMahon. He has set up for us the use of a web site that will serve as an avenue for our readers to share with others among our Marists All group of readers and writers.
This site, Vision Exchange, can do what the newsletter did plus more. In addition to being able to access posted articles, a member will be able to interact on line with the group or contact each other via email.
In the words of Joe McMahon, "the Vision Circles program was not written for the Marists All community. The Vision Exchange part, however, can be used to achieve the aims of Marists All. The Vision Circles program is, to use a fancy word, a meta-theory, to help people dialogue with each other by getting in touch with their best thinking.
It 's like traditional meditation practices dressed up in more or less modern clothing. Having been in the counseling psychology business in schools and a mental health center, I discovered how little reflection was going on. It seemed to me that the dominant approach to human development was mechanical."

With that in mind, these are the steps to take to access the Marists All part of the Vision Exchange site:

1. Click onto
2. Click onto Vision Exchange on the heading.
3. Click on: JOIN US NOW; IT'S FREE. Follow instructions to register.
4. When Vision Exchange pops up, enter username (own name) and an individual password. Log in.
5. Click on profile and enter information appearing with an *
6. Click on Groups in the heading.
7. In next screen click on All Groups
8. In next screen click on Special Groups under Categories
9. In next screen click on Religious under Categories
10. Voila! Up pops Marists All.

Please do not get frustrated on the first attempt. There are still "glitches " in attaining access. We hope that this site will be up-and-running at full speed very shortly. Let us know of problems you encounter.

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From BR. EDMUND SHEEHAN '59: A word of thanks for your compilation of deceased Marist Brothers from the Esopus cemetery monuments. Although the record was out of date no sooner than you completed it, this is a very helpful document. Also, thanks for the Marists All work the team has done over the years. (3000 SW 87th Ave., Miami, FL 33165; 305-221-0834 ext. 21;

From JACK RYAN '60: Vince, thanks to you and the other editors for a job well done. I will miss reading Marists All, but it is difficult to argue with your reasoning. There is something to be said about going out at the top of your game. (123 Berkshire, Grosse Point MI 48230; 313-882-3085;

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st mary with work crewFrom RICH FOY '46: I am working on a history of the grounds under and around Marist College. I am looking for pictures of St. Mary's dormitory and the bee house/cannery. These two buildings were just behind the main novitiate building. I have some photos of summer workers near St. Mary's, but no photo of the complete building. Black and white or color shots would be appreciated, even if not professional quality.
(n.b. click on photos to see enlargement)
petit mike at dormThe bee house/cannery has a unique aspect. You may remember it had a curved roof. The roof was made of beams from the roller coaster from Woodcliff Pleasure Park, an amusement park just north of the Brothers' property, but now a part of the campus. Think Gartland Commons dorms, Gartland athletic complex, the next Fontaine Building, and the former Dutchess Bank building. They are all on the former park grounds!

For those of you who don't believe there was a WoodCliff, I offer this excerpt from David Kammer '42 who was there!

"I really do hope you get some replies to your request for photos of old St. Mary's and of the famous bee house. Those curved beams of the bee house were carried over from the amusement park by the more hefty novices and postulants when I was in the novitiate. We had to remove the nails projecting from the beams. Then Henry Charles had us pound the nails straight, either for future use or more likely to fill in the need to occupy all of the novices and postulants. I remember straightening those nails."

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From JOHN "OKE " O'CONNELL '58: Greetings from the "O B/brother, Where Art Thou" searchers (OB/ We're tending to "lose" more of our '54-'64 HS/Novitiate/College groups than accounting for the "whereabouts" of others yet "unfound."
Most recently, though, we "found" Joe Maraglino HS '57 and Charlie ("Bud") Jacklin '58 and have a lead on Milo Bushnell '58 and learned of the passing on of Gene ("Jim") Zanni, once B. Eugene Philip '58, back on 8/22/11.
We have been corresponding with Gene's widow, Priscilla, in Vancouver, WA (BTW, classmate, Owen Gormley, is in Renton, WA.) and continue to stay in touch intermittently with widows Darlene Hall (Vinnie '58), Elaine Reffelt (Bill '58), Editha Ortueste (Bernie '58), and Elaine Edwards (Don '57). So far, we've been able to account for 39/43 of Esopus '57 graduates/Tyngsboro '58 habit takers plus many others once in training with us -- about 120 "B/brothers."
Our 10th Annual OB/bWAT "Gathering" will be at "Ray's Eats" in Methuen, MA, on Saturday, August 11, 10 am -- 5 pm with "pre-Gathering" doses of affirmation and vacationing in Boothbay Harbor, ME, for a few days before (3rd annual "laubstah feast", Thursday evening, 8/9/12). A caravan of sorts will leave for Ray Landry's early Saturday am with significant others to join us for some of Ray's "home cooking" about 5 pm. (Info and expressions of interest should be sent to OB/, or call 207-841-9144). Take good care...and think New England in August

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From BILL DESCHENE (William Maura '53) and MARGE: So sorry to see Marists All go. We'll miss hearing of the goings on of many of this special group of friends. I regret not taking the time to write more anecdotes about special men like Pete Ginnity, Victor Tertullian, Paul Acyndinus, and Paul Ambrose. Jude Driscoll is another one - what great stories about this very special person. I can see them all! Thank you for your great work with Marists All. It was always appreciated and read immediately.
I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of John Francis. I always wanted him as a teacher. When I was cooking in Tyngsboro, I watched him take his English classes outside to write about what they saw. Once John called to ask if I was interested in taking a bike trip to Ireland with him. We would only ride forty miles a day and would stop at every pub. Sadly, I had to decline as my Dad was not well, and my Mom needed help.
Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, my favorite Marian feast, since it commemorates the legend of her appearance to an indigenous person in Mexico, thereby giving recognition to a group not positively acknowledged by the European conquistadors. Yeah! The local folks had more spirituality in their little fingers than the whole bunch of conquistadors put together. Gratias, B.V.M. Well, it's off to chop wood and carry water. It's supposed to drop to the mid-teens tonight. Much peace to all! (184 Bryant Ridge Road, Grand Falls, ME 04417; 207-290-1886)

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From ROBERT JUDGE '63: I left Tyngsboro in 1963 and found Marists All in 2011. That's 1963-2011. The little dash between the years represents so much living. In September, 1963, I entered St. Francis College (Brooklyn). I lived at home and commuted.  I had a good experience at the college and also had good friends in my neighborhood.  I majored in English and minored in education.  When I graduated I was twenty, too young to be ready for the bigger world.  I went to SUNY Albany for my MA in English.  While on the registration line, I met another English major who would eventually be my wife.  I finished the MA by June, 1967.
I taught in NYC and there found that I was teaching English at the junior high school level to students who, for the most part, did not know how to read. I moved to Schenectady and pursued my doctorate in Reading at SUNY Albany. I got married. I worked as a reading teacher in Clifton Park, NY. I was in one of the largest suburban school systems in NYS. I became department chairperson and then Director of Reading and Language Arts for the district. Later, I became the Assistant Superintendent for Hudson Falls School District.

Along the way I spent eighteen years as an adjunct professor for SUNY Plattsburgh's MS program. Overlapping those years I was an adjunct for The College of St. Rose in Albany in its graduate division. When I retired from public school administration, I put in five more years as assistant professor for St. Rose.  When my wife retired, I left the full-time position at St. Rose and went back to adjunct work for them. Overall, I have been working for St. Rose for forty years.

I had an interesting experience traveling to West Africa under the auspices of the US State Department to offer training to US- operated International Schools in Mauritania, Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso), and Mali.

I have tried to be involved with my three children: scouting, youth sports, that kind of thing.  I enjoyed every minute of helping my wife Judy rear them properly. My oldest son Steve is an internist. My daughter Jennifer is a psychologist, currently working as a school psychologist. My youngest son, Dave, is a veterinarian. We have five grandchildren.

My wife and I have done some traveling and plan to do more. Our most recent trip was to France. We visited the Loire Valley, Brittany, Normandy, Giverny, and Paris. (1862 Sanford Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY, 12804-7547, robert

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From GENE (LOUIS FRANCIS '53) ZIRKEL: (concerning Br. James Venantius Gaffney '49, RIP)
As a young Brother at Cardinal Hayes I spent four years with Jimmy. I have never seen anyone more charitable. For example, in those days Brothers with final vows received cigarettes, but those of us with temporary vows did not.
Jimmy smoked about a pack a week, but he always took his full allotment and passed them out to those who smoked more than their allotment, including me.
One day while out walking, he passed a store that sold twenty cigars for a dollar! Jimmy went in and bought $1 worth. When he arrived home, he promptly passed them out to everyone. And as we lit them up, we all gagged and coughed -- and quickly extinguished them. They weren't worth the five cents each he paid, and you get what you pay for. But the point is, he bought them for us.
Jimmy was all heart. (6068 Golf Villas Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33437-4116; 631-655-6426)

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From RON GUGLIELMO '68: I heard of the Marists All site from Phil Cappio a while back, and I'd like to be added to its mailing list.
I attended Molloy as a freshman and sophomore (1963-1965), Marist Prep in Cold Spring (1965-1967) (but I'm considered a 1967 graduate of Molloy), Marist Novitiate in Esopus (1967-1969) (with Phil as well as Joe Sacino, Tom Potenza, George Howard, Ray Pasi, and several others on the mailing list), and graduated from Marist College in 1971. I also lived in the Marist community on St Joseph's Place in Poughkeepsie during the summer of 1971. (36 Carriage Rd, Delmar, NY 12054; 518-439-0147;

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Bob PinardFrom GUS NOLAN '48: A letter sent by June Pinard, wife of Bob Pinard (Maurice Robert '40);
Dear Brother Nolan,
I received the latest bulletin/newsletter from Poughkeepsie and enjoyed reading about the works done by so many brothers
I am June Pinard - my husband, Robert Pinard, died June 5, 2011. We were married forty-two years, and he was always a Marist.
We visited Camp Marist several times, and I enjoyed seeing him share with his "Brothers." (This was his favorite time in life.)
Bob said his rosary and daily prayers every day of his life. He suffered before he died, but he never forgot his "beads."
Brother Norbert Rodriguez visited with us over the years, and, of course, he and Bob played golf.
We have a son, named after Bob, but Bob prayed for him every day as "drugs" became a problem in his teen years; but he did come to his father's funeral Mass. I just wanted you to know. I miss him so.

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From CEIL MCNIFF (concerning Frank McNiff, Charles Patrick '51): My dearest Frank went home to the Lord early this morning. He is at peace with his loved ones who went before him.
Thank you for your love, prayers, and support over these difficult days and always. It is a great gift to have you as family and friends.
Your continued prayers will be our greatest support.

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From PAT GALLAGHER '53: Recently, when Charlie McNiff passed on, Cecilia, his wife, was by his side. It occurred to me that Marists All should not overlook the outstanding support, consolation, and loving care that wives (these "valiant women" of Ecclesiastes) have brought to those brothers whose time here has run out and they have passed into total spirit. How many of them have been there when our brothers have gone through those last days, possibly accompanied by previous months and even years of serious medical problems? In addition to Cecilia, there was Loraine, Barbara, Ann, and Betty. I am sure there are many others.
At 76, with a gap of ten years between Mary and myself, actuarially I can presume that the measure of my days will be up before hers. Again Ecclesiastes: "The heart of the husband safely trusts in her, " and "strength and honor are her clothing." I think we all place our trust in them, relying on their hidden strength and their love and support. At the end for the Brothers the community will gather around them. For us, the brothers who have found in our deep relationships with our wives the making of wonderful memories, it is fitting to recognize them, to thank them not only for the end but for all that has preceded it. These "valiant women" will be there for us.
(P.O. Box 310, Springtown, PA 18081; 610-346-6637

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From KAREN DOUGLAS JOHNSON: Hi there - I'm glad that someone sent Frank's obituary to you. I worked at Salve Regina University and retired from there in 2002. Br. John McNiff, Frank's brother, came to Salve during my twenty-plus years there and became the Chair of the English Department. Br. John met an untimely death about ten-plus years ago on the day after the Super Bowl, so I am sure that this is a very difficult time for the family. Br. John and I were best friends. He would bring his mom to Newport, and at the time, my aunt with Alzheimers was living with me. We would all go out to dinner together, and John would make us all order a different meal so that we could "share ". He was the funniest guy and the most caring person I have ever met. Obviously, his family came up to visit him often, and that's when I became friends with the McNiffs. I should say, that's when I became an honorary McNiff. They welcome you into their family, each and every one of them; they included me in all of their celebrations and in their losses. Patrick stayed in Rhode Island after graduating from PC, and when they would come to visit Patrick after John's death, we would always get another chance to visit. So that's my connection to the family, and a better family would be difficult to find. Frank and Ceil are the best and will always be in my heart and soul. You are right - Frank indeed had a very big heart! I wish his larger "family" strength and extend my sympathy to all.

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From CHRISTINE COLUMBAN: The website has been updated, and you may listen to the 26th presentation of Fr. Edwin Keel called "Liturgy - The Gathering Rites." It can be found under "Spirituality," "Exploring the Marist Way," or copy this link: Also, the new Marist laity email address:

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In Memoriam

Br. Raoul Molnar '59
Br. Victor Serna '40
Br. Edward Vollmer '44
James (Eugene Philip) Zanni '58
Br. Charles Howard '42 former Superior General
Br. James Venantius Gaffney '49
Br. Godfrey "Jack" Robertson '41
William J.(William Ignatius) McNamara '50
Br. Valerian Dorion '31
Charles (Paul Charles) Kennedy '58
Br. Vincent Xavier Woodman '51
Frank (Charles Patrick) McNiff '51
Bob (Maurice Robert) Pinard '40

n.b. click on the highlighted name to move to an initial obituary for that person

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More information on the Brothers may be obtained on the Marist Brothers website, The Marists All website contains some information on former brothers. (Thanks to Bill Kawka for his contribution for the expenses accrued in publishing Marists All). Editor

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