December 1987

FROM THE EDITORS: The second issue of Marists All went out to 423 addresses. If you did not receive issue 1 and/or #2, send a request to David Kammer, 107 Woodland Drive, Harwinton, Ct., 06791.

Gus Nolan and I wish to acknowledge gratefully the reception of donations from twenty-four people totalling $348. Expenses are close to $200 an issue now. We hope for more donations, and we hope to work out bulk mailing in the future.

In 1988, we expect to put out three more issues; everyone on our mailing list will receive them. However, in 1988 we must have some response indicating that you wish to remain on the mailing list beyond 1988: a contribution of an article for the newsletter, a financial contribution, or simply a note or postcard saying you want to continue receiving the newsletter. Those who have already shown their appreciation in any way are permanently on our list.

Thanks to Br. Stephen Martin Holstein ('47) treasurer of the Esopus province, for a print-out of many of the addresses in our file.

As December approaches, all gathered around Pksie and around the Greater Marist Community, GMC, share with you Christmas greetings, brotherly love, and prayer:

BILL C0WIE ('60): "Enjoyed receiving the newsletter very much. It's a great idea and has and will undoubtedly encourage a lot of sharing among "Marists All." (4 School house Lane, Sundown, N. H. 03873)

ARTIE LAVIGNE ('56): It is really nice to hear old, but familiar names; please keep it up. (4 William Drive, Pelham, N. H., 03076)

HENRY MORNEAU ('49): Just a note of sincere appreciation! (8802 E. Ardendale, Ca., 91775-1904)

WILLIAM "Otto" KRUEGER ('51): I appreciated the second issue of the newsletter; I would love to get a copy of the first one, too. Next time I will write something to put into the paper. Suffice it to say, I'm alive and well, and interested in my former colleagues. Thanks for your efforts. (204 Sutton Hill Road, North Andover, Mass., 01845)

FROM BR. LUKE DRISCOLL ('33): I am in the process of moving from "wild wonderful West Virginia" to the "sunny South." I confess that my heart is heavy as I leave people and ministry in this beautiful part of our country. Three glorious years of my life and energy have been invested in the service of the good Lord right here in West Virginia.

A new career is opening for me at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta, as chaplain in the pastoral care unit. The Lord has been good to me all these years as classroom teacher and as director of formation for religious and for laity. I believe the Lord will be with me in equally powerful fashion as I strive to be God's presence to the sick and elderly and to those working with them. I look ahead to this challenging work with the people of Georgia and South Carolina.

Visiting relatives and friends in Ireland this past summer has brought me sufficient rest and leisure to move beyond the heartaches of.leaving West Virginia and the headaches connected with starting afresh, (1920 Highland Ave., Augusta, Ga., 30904)

FROM JERRY WORELL ('61): Fall is coming to the mid West and I usually become somewhat melancholic about this time. Because I'm still in teaching, fall is when I usually look back at the preceding year and years and then make some pretty serious objectives for the future. The arrival of the second newsletter filled with all those familiar names prompted me to see even further back into what was for me halcyon days of distilled peace and integrity.

My oldest child, Josh (5), began school this year and my youngest, Rachel (2), delights herself and her parents with her large brown eyes and her giggles. Cindy, my wife, is a school counselor and I am an administrator in the same district. Recently I moved to a new building with the charge of revitalizing one of the departments. The school I left was a National School of Excellence. My charge is now to deliver a similar product in the new school in two years.

Besides doing school, I spend from April to October outside in the garden, and thereafter I come indoors and work in my wood shop. Having recently moved to a new home, I've had a number of opportunities for both avocations.

After moving, Josh found a number of photographs: me with my first wife who died five months after our marriage, and me at Tyngsboro. Both required time on my lap and the reduction of two of the largest and most significant of my experiences into the language of a five year old. Emerson said that the profound is simple; so I hope I was sufficiently profound.

I kept the copy of the last edition. It was a collage of names that I hold in deep respect and affection. I hope life is as kind to my children, and affords them the time, place, and opportunity to seriously know and appreciate people on such a deep level. (13738 S. 83rd Ave., Orland Park, Ill 60462)

FROM CHARLIE KENNEDY ('58): I attended Marist Prep in 1957, Tyngsboro novitiate in 1958 & 1959, and Marist College 1960-61. Recently I started a job with the Social Security Administration here in Queens. My daughter Eileen begins high school at Dominican Academy, NYC, in September, after winning a scholarship there. I have an on going correspondence with Br. Leonard. Best in your venture. (43-34 42nd Street, Sunnyside, N. Y., 11104)


80th: Br. Henry Charles; Box 186, Esopus, 12429
75th: Br. Leo Joseph; Mount, 4300 Murdock, Bronx, 10466
65th: Br. Lawrence Joseph Poirier; 8230 S.W. 136th St., Miami, 33156
60th: Br. Stephen Forgues; 26 Leeds Terrace, Lawrence, 01843
60th: Br. Louis Frederick; Molloy, 83-53 Manton St., Jamaica, 11435
60th: Br. Victor Ralph; Marist Brothers, Box 13, Dete, Zimbabwe
50th: Br. Daniel Demers; 26 Leeds Terrace, Lawrence, 01843
50th: Br. Stephen Urban Minogue; 26-25 97th St., East Elmhurst, N. Y., 11369
25th: Br. Herbert Baker; Chris Columbus, 3000 S. W. 87th St., Miami, 33165
25th: Br. Kenneth Curtin; Marist High, 121,.1 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, 07002
25th: Br. John Dunning; 291 Pacific Avenue, Jersey City, 07304
25th: Br. Roy George; St. Mary's, 131 Park Avenue, Manhassett, N. Y., 11030
25th: Br. Joseph Hager; House of Peace, 1702 W. Walnut St., Milwaukee, 53205
25th: Br. Thomas Simmons; 26 Leeds Terrace, Lawrence, 01843
25th: Br. Joseph Yoshida; 2-1, 1-chome, Chimori-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe, 654, Japan
25th: Br. Francis Zaglauer; 4173-B Montgomery St., Oakland, Cal., 94611

FROM ED (Martin Jude) CASTINE ('50): Hearing about many fellow Marists that I have not heard about for years was a real treat. I feel very much "Marists at Heart" and can never fully express my gratitude and affection for the Marist Congregation. Since I have been working with and socializing with the Marists of Brownsville, as well as living on the St. Joe campus, I find myself frequently using the words "we" and "our" in referring to things Marist. I would have liked to have been at the celebration in New York, but it was not possible. It was a matter of great pride that the St. Joe Band was there and participated in the festivities.

Reading about Charlie Scott, Bill Powers, Pat Tyrell, Matt Callahan, Pat McMahon, Frank Casey and so many others was a joy. You did list some of the addresses, but perhaps we could list more in the future.

Here's a little personal news update, especially for those around my time and with whom I have been out of touch for so long. After seventeen years at St. Joe Brownsville, from 1960--1977, I left the congregation and moved to New Jersey. For three years I was the assistant principal and business administrator at Paul VI Regional H. S. in Clifton for the Diocese of Paterson. In August 1978, I married Maureen Casey and we resided in Jersey City just up the block from Our Lady of Mercy Parish. Father Leo Farley, who participated on one or more occasions in the Marist Institute of  Theology, was our pastor and officiated at our wedding Mass. Maureen taught 4th grade for Our Lady of Mercy School for the two years we lived there.

In August of 1980 we moved to Brownsville. I resumed teaching math for St. Joe and Maureen taught 4th grade for St. Mary's School. Two years later, Br. Thomas Delaney hired Maureen to teach English for the 7th and 8th grades, which she has been doing ever since. I resumed studies in computer science at that time, and will be teaching in that field exclusively next school year. Working together with the school administration, I have been able to set up a fine computer lab and program of studies.

When we moved to Brownsville, we purchased a mobile home that had been set up on the St. Joe campus under Br. Francis Garza's administration. We are fortunate to be residing on campus, yet at a little distance from all the school activity. We can easily and quickly walk to and from school without the headache of "rush hour" traffic.

Many thanks for making the idea of the newsletter a reality. I'm looking forward to the next issue and the news it brings. Regards to all, especially the groups around 1950 with whom I spent so much time and had so many experiences through the novitiate, cooking, and scholasticate years. P.S. There are three other former Marists living in the Brownsville area: John Marren, John Kinch, and Ted Gray. (105 St. Joseph Drive, Brownsville, Texas, 78520)

FROM BR. PAUL AMBROSE: Thanks for the copy of the publication on Marists and former Marists. I believe it is not only a very worthwhile idea but one that will be productive for good to present and previous Marists. I do not care for any title that will pretend to say who is Marist now or previously. It is a matter of the heart more than of any physical or legal bond.

Thanks also to those who are helping out to make this a reality, for publishing on a regular basis is no easy task. I am sure that in this case it can be a work of the heart and will reach out to many and do a lot of good. Hope that the copies will eventually reach Liberia, even if the nearest post office is 350 miles away. (MBA Box 4295, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa)

FROM GEORGE BIOLSI ('65): Thanks for sending me the first two issues of "Marists All.". I appreciated receiving them very much. The address you had for me was the embassy in Tokyo, but I have been transferred to Yokohama three months ago to do full time language study for a year. My current address:(F.S.I. Field School, F.P.O. Seattle 98761). In case anyone is in Japan, my phone number until July of 1988 is (045- 641-1123).

I joined the Marists from St. Helena's High School, entering the juniorate in Cold Spring. The following year, 1964, I went to the novitiate across the river in Esopus, and in 1966, to the scholasticate for one year. I taught at Archbishop Molloy after that for almost two years. Since then I have been in more or less regular contact with Br. Lenny Voegtle, but not really with anyone else. On occasion I have heard indirectly about some of the folks I was privileged to know, but I have unfortunately not been in direct contact with anyone else.

I married in 1975, and we have three children, two born in New York City and the youngest in Korea. I joined the State Department in 1982 and went to Korea for four years. Last year we transferred to Tokyo. After the year of language study, I'll return to Tokyo for two more years of work at the embassy there.

FROM ADRIAN NORBERT PERRAULT ('37): I retired from Marist College three years ago and now live about six miles away in LaGrange, but with a Poughkeepsie mailing address. Since 1980, I have had two heart attacks, a knee operation, and a prostate operation. However, I am in good health, have a small garden, and work two days a week doing errands and cleaning house for the owner of this house in which I live. I am a lector at Masses about once a month, and work at bingo in St. Martin de Porres School once every four weeks. Last May, I was asked to volunteer in the elementary school library several hours a week; the new principal there is Donna Carolan, wife of Kevin Peter Carolan of the GMC.

Since I became GMC, I have travelled quite a lot: Europe twice, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Canada many times, Nova Scotia ... As a monk I was not packing my trunk very often! I have attended three Elderhostel programs: New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin. These programs take place in some 700 colleges, and are for the "over sixty" who do not wish to stay home. In my travels I have seen Marist houses that I never saw as FMS, including Rome. (20 Cochran Hill Road, Pleasant Valley, N. Y., 12603)

FROM FRANK SUTTON ('59): Greetings from the Green Mountain boy: It was great seeing all of you in June at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I had rented a summer house in the Hamptons years ago with Paul Stengel, Jack Meehan, and Mike Sheridan; it was particularly good seeing them again. Family life has kept many people busy.

I'll be back teaching in Bennington, Vt., again this year, and in February I'll probably be in France with students; we've been involved with exchange programs for years and the students love it. It is hard to believe that more than half my teaching years have been in Vermont. I have a guest house in the busy Manchester, Vermont, area. This helps with expenses and is just enough to keep me active.

Good to get my annual epistle from Lenny V. to find out who's doing what. From time to time I see some Molloy and Helena people, and we exchange tales. (School Street, Manchester Center, Vt., 05255... 802-362-1165).

FROM JOHN (Pat Alban) TOBIN ('39) and Helen: Pat and I are both retired Citi-bankers and certainly don't miss the commute into the city every day. We are both very active in the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Paterson, and also using the Cursillo method in days of recollection for the handicapped. We are both Eucharists ministers in our parish church.

We enjoyed reading the newsletter and finding out what's been going on with old friends, many of whom Pat had taught in class. A lot of the names were familiar to me from listening to him talk about those people these past nineteen years. (3 Brookwood Road, Towaca, New Jersey, 07082)

FROM BASIL FIORITO ('64): It's hard to believe that almost twenty years have passed since I left the Brothers. Despite the years I have a deep emotional attachment to the Marist Brothers and especially all those I trained with for eight years (1960-68).

To outline the last twenty years after leaving Marist College in 1968: I took an M.S. in physical chemistry at N.Y.U. and then taught high school for three years in Pearl River,
N. Y. I then pursued graduate studies at Syracuse University to obtain an M.A. in marriage and family counseling and a Ph.D. in child and family studies. Since my graduation in 1977, I have taught at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Cal. I'm now a full professor of psychology and human development and just completed a three year term as department chair. I have also had a private practice in marriage and family therapy on and off for about six years. I find college teaching and therapy very rewarding, but my first love is the classroom where I bring much of my Marist training. I married Laura Lehmann in 1978: and we have two beautiful children, Nicholas and Rebecca, five and two years of age.

I feel I have been greatly blessed through out my entire life. My one long standing regret is that I've grown distant from those I trained with for eight years in the Marist Brothers. I hope this newsletter will help us reconnect. I'd love to hear from you. (1635 El Caserio Court, San Luis Obispo, Ca..... 93401; 805-541-3046)


'20 Br. Linus William Hall
'21 Br. Joseph Damian
'22 Br. Arthur Xavier
'22 Br. Anthony Murphy
'26 Br. Michael Norbert
'27 Br. Anthony Mary Scheh
'35 Br. Leonard Boulanger
'36 Br. Florent Augustine Penard
'44 Br. Thomas Aquinas
'44 Br. Roch Anthony Rotunno
'46 Br. Brendan Regis Ginnity
'54 Br. Felix Matthias Russell
'65 Br. Damian Melville

FROM TOM "Archie" MOORE ('61): Wheeling (7 years), St. Agnes (1 year), Trumbull (4 years), and Ebensburg (2 Years). After leaving Ebensburg, I moved to the nearby metropolis of Johnstown, Pa. I was lucky enough to get a job teaching physics in the high school in the suburbs. That was nine years ago! I'm still happily teaching there. I guess this old dog isn't suited to learning new tricks. But basically I always wanted to be a teacher, and I'm still happy being one. Besides teaching I have an extracurricular theatre club, an old trick, and I'm the varsity baseball coach, a new trick.

I'm also very active in my parish, lector and Eucharistic minister, and I'm also active in the local community theatre group. I go hiking and canoeing a lot, and I've recently taken up scuba diving, another new trick. That last trick is probably the most foolhardy, especially if anyone remembers my swimming ability.

After renting apartments for nine years, I took the plunge and bought a house last September. It suits my needs and desires very well, and I live simply and happily. I'm still hoping to find that special someone to share my life with; as always, I guess I move slowly, almost imperceptibly. As more grey hairs appear, I wonder if I'll ever succeed.

My only Marist contacts have been Br. Leonard Voegtle's annual birthday greeting and update and more or less regular correspondence, and an occasional visit with Br. Rene Roy. Guess I'm still torn between leaving my past behind me and figuring out how to integrate it into my new life. I regret not being able to attend the festivities at St. Patrick's last June. Thanks for reaching out. (1028 Hillside Trail, Johnstown, Pa., 15905.....814-255-3210)

ABOUT BR. FLORENT AUGUSTINE ('36): from Adrian Norbert Perrault: Four Brothers opened the boys' department of Lourdes in 1958. A check of my memory and of the list of yearly appointments shows clearly that Br. Florent Augustine, "Pop" Pinard, was the first director.

Brothers Patrick Alban, Martin Lawrence, and Patrick Martin were the first teachers. In 1960, Pop and twelve others moved into the new residence; for two years the community had lived on North Hamilton Street.

Three years after the founding of the school, Br. Pius Xavier Lyons took over as director with seventeen others in community. In 1963, Pius was sent by Br. John O'Shea, provincial, to Chicago to be founder of Marist High.

Other diredtors at Lourdes were Bernard Aloysius Garrett, Brendan Lawrence Haggerty, Frank Riley, Br. George Leblanc, Charles Patrick McNiff, Br. George Fontana, Br. John Byrd, Br. Vincent Benedict Moriarty, Br. Simeon Ouelette.

Br. Simeon Gerald came to Lourdes in September 1963 and stayed on as one of the last two teachers to 1987 ... twenty-four years! Simeon is now at the Mount. Br. Cornelius Russell, who had resided at Lourdes from 1970 to 1987, closed the house in August of 1987. Cornelius now lives in one of the Marist "off-campus" residences at the Canterbury Garden Apartments.

Br. Florent Augustine was sent as director to Central Catholic, Lawrence, in 1961 and remained there. This past year he had a lung removed because of cancer, and was cared for in a nursing home until his death in October. May he and all departed Brothers and friends rest in peace.


Superior General: Br. Charles Howard, Sydney Province, Australia
Assistant General: Br. Philip Robert Ouellette ('48), Esopus
Esopus Provincial: Br. Richard Shea ('54)
Pksie Provincial: Br. Sean Sammon ('66)

FROM WILLIAM GILLIGAN ('39): The newsletter from Marist College is a delight to read, and I do look forward to receiving it. It was pleasing to read that the June 6th affair in New York was a striking success; a conspiracy of events foreclosed the possibility of my attending.

N.B: Bill was known as Felix Eugene. From 1941 to 1969 he taught at St. Ann's, St. Helena's, Wheeling, Georgia, and the Philippines. He asked about Bill Gleason, Vic and Denis Luizzo, and others. He and his wife love to travel. They visited Br. Renato Cruz, A.G. (Tyngsboro '58) at the Generalate in Rome and assisted at a Mass at St. Peter's Basilica. Felix is now retired; his health is not good, and he has visited the hospital off and on; he told us this in typical low-key fashion in a phone conversation.

FROM EMIL DEMWORTH ('64): When I left the Brothers from St. Agnes, I went to Xavier High School in Manhattan. I began teaching advanced placement American History my second year and found myself A.P. coordinator. I was appointed assistant headmaster my fourth year when Ken Boller, S.J. (Molloy grad) was named the headmaster.

Have been kept busy by the Jesuits, what with attending A.P. conferences, two leadership conferences, at Georgetown University and at Cornwall, computer scheduling and data processing workshops. I look forward to beginning my fifth year at Xavier.

The old parish convent has been turned into a shelter for battered women and children, and I have become somewhat involved with Women-in-Need at my parish. I also help in the soup kitchen on holidays as time allows.

Have sent copies of Marists All to Bill Cowie ('60) and to John Couture ('65); hope they respond. Continue the newsletter by all means. It helps us keep in touch with a group we still love and miss. (105-125 65th Avenue, #46, Forest Hills, N. Y., 11375)


Central Catholic, Lawrence: Br. Kenneth Hogan '64
Mt. St. Michael, Bronx: Br. Anthony Iazzetti '62
St. Agnes High, Manhattan: Br. Thomas Schady '75
Sacred Heart, Bronx: Br. Stephen Schlitt '77
Archbishop Molloy, Jamaica: Br. John Klein '66
St. Mary's High, Manhasset: Br. John Pasi '75
Marist High, Bayonne: Br. Michael Mullin '59
Roselle Catholic: Br. Kevin O'Neill '53
Queen of Angels, Newark: Br. Stephen Synan '75
Christopher Columbus, Miami: Br. Francis Garza '59
St. Joseph's High, Brownsville: Br. Edmund Sheehan '59
Marist High, Chicago: Br. Lawrence Lavallee '74
Marist High,Eugene, Ore: Br. John Cummings '67

FROM BRIAN (Kevin Justin) LONERGAN ('47): It was great seeing all at the hundredth anniversary reunion in New York City. The meeting brought together a host of fine people and a legacy of fond memories. I am in contact with Stephen Martin Holstein.

At the airport, we are always busy with the interdiction of narcotics. The biggest problem is to find out who is paying off for the implementation of the well-organized business. People want to get rich quick. They think we are fools for being honest in this life. (3 Van Roo Avenue, Merrick, New York, 11566)

FROM GERALD CALLAHAN ('62): After I left Marist, I taught at Bishop Reilly High and then moved to Port Jefferson, where I am chairman of the Social Studies Department at Miller Place High School. I have had a very happy and successful life. I have been married for the past eighteen years and have a five year old boy named Christopher, whom we love very much., and who has given us much joy and happiness. The friends I made with the Brothers and the memories I have will never be forgotten. (58 Soundview Drive, Port Jefferson, N. Y., 11777)

FROM BR. FRANCIS "Ziggy" ZAGLAUER ('63): Began my teaching career at the Mount in 1966, teaching the sixth grade, for two years. I spent five years in Laredo, Texas, teaching sixth grade and handling the high school library and the glee club; helped in the local Mexican parish on Sundays playing the organ. Made final profession in 1970. Spent one year in Austin as a CCD Director. Then I moved back to New York: Director of Religious Education in a large parish in Mahopac for three years and in Pleasant Valley for one year, while living at Lourdes in Pksie. Completed an M.A.T. during those years. Next moved to Blue Island, Illinois: part of the founding community for that small group associated with Marist High, Chicago; served as Director while there and worked in a local parish as DRE. Then in 1983-84 I took a sabbatical and did a Clinical Pastoral Education Program at St. Mary's Hospital in San Francisco and found that I loved hospital work. Attended the second novitiate in Fribourg, Switzerland, with Tom Simmons and Mike Laratonda.

Returned to Oakland and have been working ever since as a hospital chaplain, presently at Mercy Retirement and Care Center. Completed my CPE training and was certified during the spring of 1987. Presently, I'm beginning my second year living alone near work. Mike Laratonda works at the same facility and is department chairperson. I see the Brothers in the local community often.

Had open heart surgery just before my sabbatical in 1983 ... for a mitral valve replacement; hasn't slowed me down at all. Have been involved with music and liturgy over the years. Presently I help at St. Bernard's School once a week teaching the children same church music. St. Bernard's is the parish that the community lives in. Dad died this past January after a bout with cancer. Mom and my brother and his family still live back in New York. That's 25 years in a nut shell: Best to all. Enjoy hearing from many of you. Pax! (Marist Brothers, 4173-B Montgomery Street, Oakland, Ca., 94611)