September 11, 2000

Dear Members of the Greater Marist Community,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Michael Flanigan.  I was just elected Vice Provincial of the Poughkeepsie province. I am writing to you on behalf of Brothers Leo Shea, Don Neary, and Rob Clark, the provincials and vice provincials of the two U.S. provinces.

In a recent discussion we began talking about the Greater Marist Community and the gifts that our brothers, formerly vowed, have given and still give to the Institute, as well as what their wives and families bring to us. What occurred to us is the same thing that has occurred to many previous administrations. We have a tremendous potential out there of our previously vowed members that we are not utilizing in the best way that we can. Yes, there is the annual picnic at MSM, and most recently the Marist Family Institute of Spirituality at Marist College that was begun originally by Larry Keogh and which now involves so many of you.

In our discussion, we looked at what we have done and not done in cooperation with you. We feel that we could make a stronger bond than there has been in the past on our part. I believe some of that discussion has already begun.

But, now, we would like to hear directly from you. What are your ideas? What are some of the things that we should be doing and are not. Also, what might you do to help us out, that we may continue to share in the charism and spirit of  St. Marcellin Champagnat?

We will be continuing to discuss this, but we would like some input from you.  Although I have been designated the "coordinator" of this effort, please feel free to contact any one of us directly, either through email or by mail or phone.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Flanigan, FMS, '80, Vice Provincial, Poughkeepsie,<Flani@aol.com>  


Bro. Leo Shea, '52, Provincial, Esopus <Leoshea@aol.com> (Stephen Bernard)
Don Neary, '68, Provincial, Poughkeepsie <EONeary@aol.com>
Robert Clark, ’75, Vice Provincial, Esopus <rscfms@aol.com>
Poughkeepsie Provincialate:  26 First Avenue, Pelham NY 10803-1452
Esopus Provincialate:  1241 Kennedy Boulevard, Bayonne NJ 07002-228

Editors’ note: 
We feel that this is such a momentous communiqué that  we  should  share  it  with our readers immediately.  We are pleased to serve as a medium  for  the  provincial administrations  to communicate  on the subject  of a stronger bonding  with us  who are  so deeply attached  to our  Marist  roots.