Brother Chanel Lambert


Born on May 31, 1923, in Lawrence MA

Died on May 12, 2012, in Miami FL

Interred May 18, 2012, Esopus NY





1940-42 Marist Brothers Novitiate, Poughkeepsie, NY - Postulant and Novice
1941 Reception of the Habit on July 26, 1941

1942 Profession of First Vows on July 26, 1942

1942-43 Esopus Juniorate - Cook

1943-44 Scholasticate in Poughkeepsie

1944-46 St. Jeanne d'Arc Elementary School, Lowell, MA - Teacher

1946-49 St. Anne's Elementary School, Lawrence, MA - Teacher

1949-56 St. Ann's Academy, New York, NY - Teacher and Prefect

1956 B.S. in Education, Fordham University, Bronx, NY

1956-57 Second Novitiate, St. Quentin, France - nine month Renewal Program

1957-62 Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, MA - Teacher

1962-66 Bishop DuBois High School, New York, NY - Teacher

1966-68 Mount St. Michael Academy, Bronx NY - Principal

1968-72 Marist Hall, Cold Spring, NY - Director, Teacher

1972-74 Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, MA - Director, Teacher

1974-76 Christopher Columbus HS, Miami, FL - Teacher

1976-78 Marist Residence, Miami FL - Director

1978-80 Marist Hall, Cold Spring, NY - Director

1980-82 Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, MA - Maintenance

1982-85 Marist High School, Eugene, OR - Maintenance

1985-87 Marist High School, Chicago, IL - Teacher

1987-94 St. Catherine School, Anaheim CA - Teacher

1994-99 Tampa, Florida - Retired

1999-12 Marist Retirement House, Miami, Fl - Retired


Obituary published in the Miami Herald, May 15, 2012

LAMBERT, BROTHER CHANEL, FMS, 88, a member of the Marist Brothers of the Schools for 71 years, died May 11, 2012 at Baptist Hospital in Miami. He was born May 31, 1923 in Lawrence, Mass. His years as a Marist Brother were spent in ministries in Mass., New York, Illinois, Oregon and Florida. He was the son of the late Napoleon and Mary Louis Lambert. He was the brother to the late Very Rev. Francis Lambert, SM, and Leo and his sister, Lucille. Chanel is survived by his nephews: Brother Bill Lambert, FMS, Eugene Lambert, John Lambert, Daniel Lambert and his niece Sister Claire Lambert. Visitation will be from 6:30-7PM today Tuesday (5/15) followed by Mass at Holy Rosary-St. Richard Catholic Church at 7PM. Interment will be at the Marist Brothers Cemetery in Esopus, New York.

From David Kammer. I must add a bit about my friendly relationships with Br. Chanel Lambert. Chanel was a novice when I entered the novitiate in Poughkeepsie. His given religious name was Br. Ulrich Chanel; his baptismal name was Chanel. During my first year there Br. Eugene Lambert was our prefect, overseeing our recreations and moderating the dormitory. (We know that Br. Bill Lambert is Chanel's nephew; let it not be lost in history that Chanel is Br. Eugene's nephew).

After his year cooking in Esopus, Chanel joined our group for a year of studies in the scholasticate. When he was first assigned to St. Ann's Academy in New York City, Chanel taught history and joined me moderating the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin. Later Chanel became prefect in the senior dormitory on the top floor of the Lex Building; I was his assistant with my room in the far end of the dorm where my sleep perforce adapted to the roar of buses and the screech of sirens below. One of the perks for us in the dorm was that we had the privilege of freely watching black and white TV on Saturday nights, the occasion of our first enjoyment of Lawrence Welk and the Lennon sisters; Janet was six! That was 1955-56.

The following year Chanel and I traveled together by ship, the USS United States, through a hurricane to Europe. We rented a "two-cylinder" Renault and toured France, Italy, and Switzerland before settling for nine long months at the second novitiate in St. Quentin-Fallavier, southwest of Lyons, France. We returned peacefully in the hold of the USS America.

When Chanel retired to the Rocky Creek community near Tampa, Florida, he became a handyman for many retired women religious who settled in small double-wides there. Eventually he also cared for his older sister there, as well as for his older brother Frankie, the retired Marist Bishop of Venuatu, an island diocese in the South Pacific. Judy and I visited Chanel in Rocky Creek a good number of times.

When Chanel settled in Miami for the winters and traveled north to Lawrence for the summers, he strategically planned his trips to spend overnights with extended family and friends. Northbound we were his first overnight!

Chanel and I enjoyed a compatible friendship. We lived, worked and traveled harmoniously. Our visits were pleasant, enjoyable, and memorable. Our spiritual lives were complementary. Even after his stroke this past year, Chanel had the kindness to phone. I regret that I was not able to drive to Miami to visit with him once again. Chanel will certainly rest in peace!

Memorial by Richard Foy My brother Peter and I were juniors the first year the Juniorate opened in Esopus 1942-1943. It was a difficult year for Chanel. He told me about a decade ago that he was one of the lucky ones who was not sent out working immediately after he took his first vows. (Most of the novices were given a year of cooking duties or gardening or other non academic chores.) Then one day he was called into the Provincial House to meet with Brother Louis Omer, the new Provincial. Brother Louis told him "I'm a new provincial and this will be my first appointment. I'm sending you to Esopus to be a cook!" The Provincial explained that Brother James Thomas, who was originally appointed to be the cook had wrenched his back lifting some heavy pots and would be unable to continue. So Chanel dutifully obeyed, and never indicated his disappointment at not getting directly to the Scholasticate.

The first kitchen was in the Superintendent's House (now called Holy Rosary Cottage). There was a simple kitchen, and a refectory in the long east room overlooking what would become the ball fields. This continued until the new kitchen was completed in the mansion. We moved there for meals in early November.

I taught with Brother Chanel at Saint Ann's Academy. A few summers later, when I taught at Marian College, he and Bill Lee (my classmate in that first Esopus juniorate year) repointed the exterior of the Greystone Building in Poughkeepsie. Chanel told me that another summer he had helped restore the wall along route 9W along the Esopus property.

The list of appointments shows clearly that he was willing to do any work needed to forward the work of the Marist apostolate. And through it all he was the same simple (in the Marist sense), genial, talented, outgoing person I met in September 1942. No wonder I admired him so greatly! May he rest in peace ...