(September 6, 1912 - September 15, 1999)

One of Brother Daniel Kopecky' s initial teaching assignments was at Central Catholic High School, in Wheeling, West Virginia.

David Kammer, a freshmen student at CCHS, remembers Brother Daniel as a kind, quiet and inspiring teacher. David used his new driver's license to ferry Brother Kopecky and the other Marist Brothers to away sporting events. David recalls that Brother Daniel was an enthusiatic fan of his students and their activities. In 1935, the diocese paid each Marist Brother six hundred dollars ($600) for a year of teaching in CCHS and they could not afford a car of their own and David's used Chevrolet became the favorite mode of transportation for the Marist community.

Brother Daniel's next teaching assignment took him to St. Ann's Academy at 76th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. During his ten years at St. Ann's, Brother Daniel is remembered by the student residents as always being very kind, pleasant and a model Marist Brother. His interest in and devotion to his students is remembered by them to this day.

Transferred to Mount St. Michael in the Bronx, New York City, Brother Daniel, assumed along with his regular teaching schedule, the responsibilities of being moderator of the Men's Club. There, for many years, he continued to instruct, bless and contribute to the spiritual values of the young men, who surrounded him, and he left an indelible mark and lasting influence on them throughout their later years. Through his strenuous efforts at the weekly bingo and other fund raising activities, Brother Daniel was able to make a financial impact through the generosity and gift giving of the Men's Club to the students of the Mount.

Brother Daniel Kopecky is remembered by his fellow Marist Brothers as a very kind and good community member who went about life doing good quietly, following the example of his founder, St. Marcellin Champagnat.