(March 23, 1910 - 2000)

Information supplied by Brother Leonard Voegtle

Teodosio Ruiz was born in Spain on March 23, 1910. His father was bailiff of the local court. He entered the juniorate at Carrion de los Condes, Spain, on April 19, 1921. From there he went to the "international" novitiate in Santa Maria, Italy (near Turin and Grugliasco) on February 15, 1926. He received the habit that August 15 -- along with the name Mario Germán (hence his long-standing nickname of "Mario").

After first vows on August 15, 1927, he spent a year in the scholasticate in Grugliasco, and was then sent to the States. His assignments here:

St. Ann's Academy (librarian) 1928-1929
Manchester (teacher) 1929-1930
Poughkeepsie (scholastic) 1930-1932
Manchester (teacher) 1932-1934
St. Ann's Juniorate (teacher) 1934-1936

In July of 1936, he returned to Europe, for second novitiate and family visit. He was trapped there by the Spanish Civil War (the old Bulletin of Studies, I recall, has a few news-bits about his adventures as he tried to get back here, which he succeeded in doing only in August of 1940. His next assignments:

St. Ann's Academy (teacher) 1940-1949
Dubois (teacher) 1949-1950
Mt. St. Michael (teacher) 1950-1951
Dubois (teacher/director) 1951-1957
Mt. St. Michael (teacher) 1957-1958

That's when he went to the Philippines, and our records end. I know he taught there in several school, was provincial treasurer for a good while, living at the school in Marikina, outside Manila, where he also attended to brothers' needs for passports, visas, etc.

As I think I said last time, when he returned in ‘95, I believe he stopped in Spain only for a family visit.