(April 20, 1923 - April 16, 2002)

Eulogy by Br. Stephen Urban Minogue

  It is always a solemn moment when Marist Brothers gather together here at our Esopus Cemetery to remember a Brother with whom we have shared community, at whose side we have worked, and whom we have come to know as confrere and friend.  We have weathered many storms and crises, personally and as members of a Church in crisis.  We have laughed together and have been sad together, yet all the while we are assured that we shall rise with the Risen Savior and shall share our eternal reward together forever in heaven.

When we stop and look back down the years of Brother James Damian Brady's Marist career, it is indeed hard not to be impressed.  Jimmy Damian was a man who was very intelligent.  He had degrees in education, mathematics, and English.  From the year 1943 at Mount St. Michael till 2001, he served the Marist Brothers, the Church, and the United States.  He served as teacher, as Dean of Studies and as Director-Principal of Molloy High School, as director and Founding Principal of Christ the King High School, as Principal of Pace High School in Opa Locka, and finally in his retirement as tutor and instructor of RCIA in Augusta, Georgia.

It was always a pleasure for me to be in the company of Jimmy Brady.  If Jim was distinguished by one virtue, it is surely generosity of heart.  I never heard him say a word in jest that ever cut or hurt another Brother.  He was kind, and he was funny with a humor that could reduce life's tensions to their respective importance. Jim Brady was an extraordinary toastmaster, for he was bright, articulate, witty, and loveable.  The monks will always be grateful to Jim for the great parties and frequent 'First Vespers' he arranged for the Brothers.  It was his way of manifesting his understanding of the dedicated self-giving life of the teacher, and of silently getting the message across that he was grateful.

As the Brother responsible for raising money for our Filipino missions, Jim ran the St. Ann's Bingo.  He was organized and governed with heart.  He always lead with his shoulders.  It was a pleasure to work with him.  And the dedicated men, who came week after week and year after year, loved him because he was grateful.  He kept in touch with them long after St. Ann's moved out to Queens.  Small wonder that those of us who were close to him called him "Diamond Jim." 

Brother James Damian and Father Champagnat had much in common.  The Lord laid a heavy cross of suffering on Jim's shoulders for a good part of his adult life.  The tedious and humiliating Calvary of the multiple aspects of sickness, together with the modification of life's daily ways and dependence on others, was nothing short of the dark night of the soul.  Yet, as much as Jim could talk about his sickness when prompted, I never heard him complain or grow angry.  It takes a valiant soul, one who lives prayerfully in the presence of God, not only NOT to let suffering embitter him, but to allow life's pains to sweeten him and make him ever more gentle of heart and Jim was already gentle of heart.

So, as we become aware of all the good that Brother James Damian Brady has done, humbly, simply, and with gentle modesty, we are grateful to the Lord and to Mary, our Good and Loving Mother, for the gift of Jimmy Damian to us.  May we, too, find the inspiration to believe in the Marist way of life and to be true to what it promises and to ultimate fidelity to our vocation.  It is time now, not so much to mourn Jimmy Brady, as to invoke him.  He is truly alive, at peace, and where he can intercede for us.  Jim Brady, and all ye hosts of Marists, remember us and be with us till we all are united and rejoice together in a happy eternity.  Amen.

From Bro. Ben Consigli, Vice Provincial of the Esopus Province.

 I just wanted to pass on the news that Br. James Damian Brady '40, born on April 20, 1923 passed away this morning,  April 16, 2002. 

The wake and funeral mass will take place on Thursday, April 18  at Saint Richard Church in Miami. 

On Saturday, April 20, at 11:30AM, there will be a prayer service in the Chapel in Esopus followed by the burial. 

----excerpt from MaristsAll Newsletter # 67