Bro Luke Driscoll fms

Received the Breath of Life
30 Sept 1917 — Bronx NY

Called to Accept the Marist Brotherhood
26 July 1933 — Poughkeepsie NY

 Professed final vows
26 July 1939  Poughkeepsie NY

Was Commended to God
9 Sept 1908
Mount St Michael, Bronx NY

Mass of Resurrection
12 Sept 2008
St Francis of Assisi Church
Bronx NY

13 Sept 2008
Marist Cemetery
Esopus NY



Curriculum Vitae

 Son of Patrick Driscoll and Elizabeth O'Brien.  Brother of the late Bro Edmund Jude Driscoll '40  and of the late Frank Driscoll (Br. Peter Raphael '36)

1931-1932    Marist Juniorate, Poughkeepsie NY
1932-1934     Marist Novitiate, Poughkeepsie NY
1934-1936     Marist Scholasticate, Poughkeepsie NY
1936-1939     Saint Ann's Academy, Manhattan NY — teacher
1939-1941     Novitiate, Poughkeepsie NY — teacher
1941-1949    Mount Saint Michael, Bronx  NY — teacher
1949-1954    Marist Preparatory,  Esopus NY — teacher
1954-1956   Marist Novitiate, Tyngsboro MA — teacher
1956-1957    Saint Ann's Academy , Manhattan NY — teacher
1958-            Archbishop Molloy HS, Queens NY — teacher
                      St Joseph HS, Laredo TX — principal
           -1972  Aquinas HS, Augusta GA — principal
1972-1979   Second Novitiate, Fribourg, Switzerland — director
1980-1981   Marist Novitiate, Orlu, Nigeria — teacher
1981-1982   Mount Saint Michael, Bronx  NY — teacher
1982-1984   Marist Novitiate Calumet Park, Illinois — co-director
1984-1987   Paul VI Retreat Center, Wheeling WVa —staff
1987-2001  Saint Joseph Hospital, Augusta GA — chaplain
2001-2008   Champagnat Hall community at MSM — retired


1941  BA degree in education,  Fordham University, Bronx NY
1948  MA degree in English, Fordham University, Bronx NY
1955-1956 Second novitiate - St. Quentin Falavier, France
1968  Guidance Certificate, University of Georgia
 Fall 1999  Third Age Renewal, Manziana, Italy


From Todays Marist Brother, Advent 2008 edition

On September 9 a gentle man died a gentle death. Br. Luke Driscoll was born to Elizabeth and Patrick Driscoll in the Bronx on September 30, 1917 and passed away quietly on the evening of September 9, 2008 at our Champagnat Hall community at Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx.  Br. Luke was 91 years old, and lived as a Marist Brother for 75 of those years.

There are Brothers who possess a special charism. It's hard to describe that quality in a person, but once you've seen it you know it. J. P. Luke ("just plain" Luke-he didn't have the customary second religious name) was one of those Brothers. J. P. Luke was magnetic. He had "cousins" galore and admirers aplenty.  His gentle being and his inclusive, smiling glance made you feel' like you were part of something; like you were someone special. It's no wonder he was so popular with his family, students, and fellow Brothers.

As Br. Luke moved through his years as a Marist he served his students as teacher, principal, and counselor, the Marist Brothers as spiritual director, and his hospital patients as chaplain in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, West Virginia, Switzerland, Africa, and Italy before he retired to the Champagnat Hall Community in his "home town" of the Bronx, New York.

Brother was buried in the Marist Brothers cemetery in Esopus, NY on September 13, where he continues to warmly welcome all who come to visit. May he rest in peace.





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