prep class 1961 The Marist Prep graduates
with additional identifications
provided by Pat Conway
The Confederate Brothers
the day they took the Marist Habit.
obwats Participants in the oBbwat meetings
held in Methuen MA and BoothBay ME
during the summer of 2010
Esopus novices of 1961. Additional
identifications provided by Pat Conway
esopus novices 1961  


john patrick

Brother John Patrick in a snapshot
provided by Esther Osberg Hulsair,
who when a young girl
lived in the cottages in the English
Village from 1933 until 1942.
The Osberg family kept up their
friendship with the Brothers
for many years afterwards.

Brother James Stevens died on
August 18, 2010

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james stevens
woodcliff Woodcliff Pleasure Park was located
just north of the old provincial house.
It went out of business by 1940.
The brothers retrieved some
curved sections from the roller coaster
and used it for the roof of the
cannery/beehouse building
near the Novitiate.
Colonel Payne's center Greenhouse
under construction in 1911.
payne greenhouse

<<=== Brother Valerian Doiron,
dean of Marist Brothers in the USA
summers at Camp Marist, winters at
Champagnat Hall, MSM, Bronx NY

other photos of Camp Marist
sent by Paul Galbraith below

signage marino
galbraith 12 ossippee lake
chapel at camp marist horse

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