Marian College Scbolastics and Faculty
Poughkeepsie NY 1952 - 1953



A time in history, when Brother Léonida, the Superior General, visited Poughkeepsie.  Photo probably taken in the Marian Gym.
Faculty are in rows one and two:  left to right:  Visiting Brother Auspicio (from Argentina) who taught Spanish; Bro George Francis Byrne who taught history and economics.; Then the front row shows Bro Leo Camille, teacher of French, Brr Abelus, gardener;  Bro Adrian August  Lambert, Sub-Master,  teacher of Chemistry and singing and organist; Bro Harold Phillip McEnany {??}; Bro Thomas Austin O'Donnell, either Provincial or Assistant General and President— he was named Assistant General;during the year;  Brother Léonida, Superior General;  unknown Brother; Bro Paul Ambrose Fontaine, Master of Scholastics and Academic Dean; Bro Nilus Vincent Donnelly, teacher of physics and director of construction and treasurer; Bro Simeon Gerald (??);; Bro Tarcisius Vallières. printer. Just above Bros Simeon and Tarcisius in second row: Bro Paul Philibert Larochelle is Librarian;,  Bro John Malachy Hoffman, secretary to the Master of Scholastics and Registrar.  In the middle of the fourth row, just above Bro Léonida is Bro  Raymond Albert Huard , laundryman for several years before graduating in 1953.

There were 110 student Brothers, of which 96 were from the United States Province.  I  recognize Tom O'Connor.  If you can identify others, let me know and I'll update this listing.  Send the name and location to me at

Identifications by Father Jeff Johnston (13 June 2010):

3rd row: (2) Robert James, (4) Kenneth Robert, (10) Philip Robert
4th row: (6) J J McMahon, (10) Richard LaPietra, (11) Luke Rddington, (12) Maurice Bibeau
6th row: (3) William Francis Lavigne, (4) Marty Ruane, (9) Larry Sullivan
7th row: (3) Donald Richard, (6) Leonard Voegtle
8th row: (7) Jeptha Lanning
top row: (2) Hugh Andrew, (3) Kevin Carolan, (7) Vincent Jerome

guesses by Rich Foy (19 December 2010)

8th row: (6) Patrick Tyrrell or Larry Riley
top row: (9) Tom O'Connor

most recent revision:  18 December 2010 
  source : A former scholastic, Bro Santiago who sent the jpeg to OKE O'Connell who sent it to MaristsAll