Esopus in the early 1950s
Photos supplied by Bill O'Shea
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<<=== Cover note sent by Bill O'Shea of Liverpool NY when he sent these snapshots 6 December 2007


<<=== River view from the main house. The architects Carrère and Hastings shared the project with Hastings designing the buildings and Carrère the landscaping.  Trees were spaced to frame Payne's yacht, the Aphrodite, which was moored in the opening.

The interior of the chapel in the mansion, which was located in the 'great hall'. This is one of the few views we have of the interior. If you have others, please let us know. ===>>

The greenhouse and adjacent building as it existed in the 1950s.  The original consisted of a 40 foot high dome in the center with two sections of lower greenhouse on both sides of the dome. ===>>


<<===  The new dining room in the English Village replaced that located in the mansion around 1953

<<=== Preparation for the Christmas dinner.

Four juniors standing in the handball court space across he river road from the main ball fields. Tully, McCormick, Keough and O'Shea.  ===>>

Irish Dancers on the stage of the new gym.  Bill O'Shea recognises Larry Keough and Bill Maker. Dancer on the right may be Mullins.  Pianist is either Brother Placid Robert of Brother William Lavigne.  ===>>

<<=== Dedication of the Brothers' cemetery, opened when the cemetery in Pougkeepsie was filled. Brother Thomas Austin O'Donnell (Provincial) at far left, and Brother John Berchmans at far right.

<<=== The oldtimers team: McKeon, John Kiel, Thompson,  ??, ??, Scott, McEtle, Shea, Lewis.

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The newcomers team: O'Keefe, Duggan, McNulty, O'Boyle, Mannion, McKenna, You??, Reynolds, Shooni, McGoldrick, Lavigna, Dunn, Dever, Mullins.  ===>>

The oldtimers of 1952-1953 who left for the novitiate  31 August 1953.  List of names on enlargement.  ===>>

<<===  Was this the chapel at  Camp Sunset?   or Camp Marist?

<<===  Bill O'Shea identified these as Brother James and Brother Martin (who was the cook.)

When the Juniors visited Marian College in Poughkeesie, Bill O'Shea was given the tour by Brother Mary Edmond and a Brother from the Chinese province.  Recognize the bus?  the building?  ===>>

Wasn't this fun to review our past?  Many of you may have snapshots of your times in Esopus, Tyngsboro, or Poughkeepsie.  Why not share then with the rest of us?  We scan the photos/snapshots and return them to you.  Quality is far less important than content …

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