Retirees photographed at Mount Saint Michael
A mixture of retirees, MSM staff members, and
attendees at the MaristsAll picnic September 200
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<<=== Bro Alphonse Matuga  ('41)


<<== Bro Joseph Belanger  ('43)


Bro Philip Robert  ('47)
was a visitor ===>


Bro Cornelius Joseph Russell ('47) was in good spirits.  He visited from the Cabrini Home in lower Manhattan===>>


<<===  Bro Charles Marcellin Kamarad ('54) stopped by the meeting <<===  Frank Pellegrino is a Mount St Michael graduate.  He serves as   Provincial Treasurer

John Wilcox ('57) in a serious mode ===>>

Bob Grady ('53) in a jovial mode ===>>

<<===  Br Francis Ryan ('49) enjoyed the session

<<===  Br Victor Serna did not go through the USA training, but worked many years in the USA schools.

Bro David Cooney ( '62) worked many years in the African Marist houses.  ===>>

Casimir Podlaski ('65) shows his usual content self  ===>>

<<===  John Scileppi ('68) visited from his teaching position at Marist College.

<<=== Vince Poisella ('58) picking up information for the next edition of MaristsAll

Anne Sheridan, widow of Frank X. 'Barney' Sheridan ("55) attended even though Barney had died shortly before the meeting.  She was a pleasure to converse about the good days she had with Barney  ===>>

Bro Anthony Iazetti ('62)  seemed at home at MSM where he was a high school student and later Principal  ===>

<<=== Betty Perreault, widow of Adrian Perreault ('36) is always a welcome sight at MaristsAll meetings.

<<===  Maurice Bibeau ('50) still teaches part-time at Marist College.  He was Betty Perreault's chauffeur for the picnic

Frank McNiff ('51) gets to most of the MaristsAll events  ===>>

Bill Kawka ('62) managed to attend the picnic.  ===>>



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