The well dressed young brother of the late 1940s

<<=== This photo was taken the day Richard Foy took the religious habit, July 26, 1946.  His father did not have a camera, and splurged by asking a photographer from Arax in Poughkeepsie.

Note the grotto in the background.



Photo taken winter of 1948-1949.  The topcoat and suit were provided by Mr.   Buddy Malfetano, a tailor on Third Avenue in New York.  Fedoras, dress shirt, underwear, socks and shoes were supplied by the Brothers' commissary, supervised by Brother Frederick Charles, who also supervised making cassocks for the province.

The hat was de rigueur.  Brothers in New York City were alerted that the Cardinal wanted all clergy to wear fedoras whenever on the street. 

On one occasionin 1951 the Brothers all traveled to Cardinal Hayes High School to give blood it was the Korean war, and the powers that be decided that so many able young men should do something to help the war effort.  His Eminence Cardinal Spellman came to the school and spoke with (not to) the donors.  I had a donut and cup of coffer with him;  David kissed his ring.  Bro Eugene Trzecieski decided not to take the subway and started to walk back to Saint Ann's.  The Cardinal had his chauffeur stop the limo, invited Sig to ride with him, and brought him back to St. Ann's.  It is not clear whether Bro Trzecieski was wearing his hat




posted  13 August 2008             source:   Rich Foy family collection